TV REVIEW: The Big Bang Theory Season 5 Episode 20 – The Transporter Malfunction

Howard is planning his wedding, and asks Raj whether he will be bringing a date. This leads Raj to resort to some desperate measures to find love. Meanwhile, Penny buys Leonard and Sheldon presents to thank them for all the food of theirs she eats. Sheldon manages to break his Star Trek transporter within minutes, and Spock appears in his dreams with some advice.

So it seems as though Bernadette and Howard’s wedding is looming ever closer, and with all the rest of the gang in relationships, this leaves Raj as the gooseberry. Raj is notoriously bad when it comes to women, so he asks his parents to set him up with someone. It is quite interesting that the idea of matchmaking or arranged marriage has not reared its head before now with regard to Raj, especially seeing as he is unable to talk to women unless he is drunk. Sadly, all does not go to plan for the ever sweet Raj, leaving him on his own… Again.

Penny buys Leonard and Sheldon mint in box Star Trek transporter collectibles, and as soon as Sheldon opens his, he breaks it. Sheldon’s Spock action figure then talks to him through his dreams, advising him on what to do. This is a great idea for The Big Bang Theory, not only because many of us geeks wish that Spock would give us some cool-headed advice on our lives, but it allows Sheldon to be properly crazy while correcting Spock on inaccuracies in his character. Thus proving the old adage hat many fans know their favourite characters better than the actors who played them.

This was one of the strongest episodes of The Big Bang Theory this season. The show is at it’s best when Sheldon is being a little bit mad, and the gang are not necessarily dealing with the big issues in life. Sure, Raj’s life could have changed, but this was highly unlikely as we are all pretty sure that the woman of his dreams is not going to come through his parents. Raj is always a little sad and sweet so while it is great to see him try, it is always upsetting to see him fail.

Once again, Jim Parsons was on fantastic form as Sheldon and his interactions with his dream Spock were hilarious. This is one of the strongest ideas that The big Bang Theory has had in a long time, and it worked incredibly well. No Amy this episode though, and she was missed.

In all, a strong episode in a mediocre season of The Big Bang Theory that reminds fans of what the show is capable of, and why we fell in love with it in the first place.

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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