TV REVIEW: The Big Bang Theory Season 5 Episode 21 – The Hawking Excitation

When Stephen Hawking comes to town, Howard is put in charge of his wheelchair maintenance. Howard fully intends on introducing Sheldon to his idol, but when he insults Howard for not having a PhD – again – Howard decides to have some fun at his friend’s expense.

Last week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory was one of the best we have seen so far this season, but this newest episode manages to top it. Howard decides to put Sheldon through some demeaning trials before he will present Sheldon’s paper on the Higgs Boson (or God Particle) to Stephen Hawking. There follows some incredible entertaining scenes where Howard makes Sheldon polish all of his many belt buckles, dust the university in a French maid’s outfit and take Howard’s mother dress shopping.

The episode focuses on the conflict between Howard and Sheldon and the fact that Howard is in a position of power over is more educated friend. Most of the comedy comes from the fact that Sheldon has no problem in debasing himself to get what he wants and goes along with Howard’s scheme, even though it is a less than pleasant few days for him. Of course Sheldon gets to meet Stephen Hawking in the end, who appears in an incredibly funny cameo.

It is always good to see celebrities that are able to poke fun at themselves, and this is why Stephen Hawking’s cameo works so well in the show. Hawking is portrayed to be as confident/arrogant as Sheldon, but it is he who gets the upper hand. Hawking has made several cameos in TV shows throughout recent years, but this is arguably his funniest as he locks horns with the arrogant yet endearing Sheldon.

The tail end of season 5 of The Big Bang Theory has become incredibly strong, although Amy has not been seen on screen for two weeks now, and the girls have been moved to supporting roles. This is sure to be resolved before the season finale though.

GS Reviewer: Brogen hayes

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