TV REVIEW: The Vampire Diaries Season 3, Episode 13 – Bringing Out the Dead

After a week off, it was back to business as usual for the Mystic Falls gang in Episode 13.  A surprising theme this week: family.

While Bonnie and her mother struggle to figure out how to open the sealed coffin, Damon convinces Stefan to meet with Klaus and Elijah to negotiate a truce. Meanwhile, Caroline, Elena and Alaric race against a growing body count to try and figure out who’s going around killing the human population of Mystic Falls.  Caution: Contains Spoilers.

Episode 13: Bringing Out the Dead

Not all episodes have a n obvious theme, but when the writers decide to do it, they do it fairly well.  Episode 13 is no different – the theme is family, and there isn’t a single character, good or bad, that isn’t affected.

Bonnie and her mother work together to open the seal on Klaus’s fourth coffin – the coffin that everyone thinks holds the key to killing Klaus.  While Bonnie’s mother struggles to get her powers back, Damon convinces Stefan to meet up with Klaus and Elijah. He has no real intention of making a deal with them, he just wants to put Klaus off the coffin’s trail long enough to buy Bonnie and her mother some time.  Having Elijah in his corner is a definite plus – he and Damon meet up early in the episode to discuss Elijah’s revenge on his overly ambitious sibling.

Elena and Alaric find out an alarming piece of information about the murder weapon used to kill the medical examiner – the stake used was from the Gilbert family collection.  Meanwhile, Caroline’s father is fully recovered from the injuries inflicted by Tyler thanks to Dr. Fell’s vampire blood injection.  However, he is murdered while trying to leave the hospital.  When Caroline and Elena discover his body, they realize two things: 1) he died with vampire blood in his system, and 2) the knife used was from Alaric’s personal collection.  Once Bill comes back, he makes the very sad decision not to feed, condemning himself to death.  Elena helps a grieving Caroline, only to go home and find that Alaric has also been attacked.

Stefan and Damon’s dinner date with the originals is about as awkward as can be expected, given the situation. While Stefan and Klaus try to out-bad-boy each other, Bonnie and her mother finally get the coffin open. As things start getting heavy between Klaus and Stefan, we come to learn that Elijah and Damon have undaggered all of the originals, and they are hell bent on revenge against Klaus.  They are stopped, however, by their mother – the inhabitant of the sealed coffin.  She sweeps in and saves Klaus, forgiving him for what he did to her and stating her intention that they all be a family again.

Klaus and his siblings, Stefan and Damon, Caroline and her father, Bonnie and her mother, Elena and Alaric – everyone got a real reality check this week on the importance of family.  It’s an interesting comparison, the difference between the originals and everyone else.  Klaus has spent many years carting his family around in boxes; wanting them close to him and talking about reuniting with them, yet being happier with them out of the way.  Once revived, his siblings had no problem seeking out their revenge.

It’s that twisted notion of family that made the other plot lines so emotional.  It was truly heartbreaking to watch Caroline come to grips with the fact that her father would rather die than become like her.  I give a lot of credit to Candice Accola – Caroline was so annoying and shallow early on in the show, but she’s really grown her into a strong character that’s much easier for the audience to sympathize with.  So kudos to her.

The bond between Elena and Alaric gets stronger and stronger every week. Elena has a fierceness about her when it comes to protecting people she loves, and it’s nice to see that extending to Ric, who’s been adopted into the family and suffered along with them.  Matt makes a brief but very moving appearance to be there for both Caroline and Elena when they need it the most.

As for the Salvatores, the love triangle gets a bit more complicated each week.  For a while, it looked like Stefan was going to step back, citing Elena’s best interests.  But with both brothers openly declaring their love for her, we appear to have reached a stalemate.

Looking forward to next week’s episode – there’s going to be a ball in Mystic Falls, thrown by our newly reunited family of originals.  Considering disasters tend to happen at large gatherings in Mystic Falls, it’s bound to be an entertaining one.
Episode Rating: 4/5
GS Reporter: Mirjana

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