TV REVIEW: The Vampire Diaries Season 3, Episode 14 – Dangerous Liaisons

In Mystic Falls, nothing promises danger and chaos quite like a large public gathering.

Get out your dancing (or waltzing) shoes, because it’s party time in this week’s episode.  Esther decides to start things off on the right foot with the fellow citizens of MF by throwing a ball.  Given the catastrophic events that usually take place at large events, there were definitely high hopes for this one going in.  Caution: Contains Spoilers.

Episode 4: Dangerous Liaisons

Sadly, the ball didn’t deliver.  Not in the usual death-or-dismemberment kind of way, anyway.  In every other way, though, it was extremely satisfying.

While the originals (The Mikaelsons) are busy planning the ball, it becomes obvious that there are still some hard feelings.  Rebekah tries to kill Elena, but is stopped by Elijah, who then informs Elena that all Esther wants is peace.  To further this, when Elena receives her invitation to the ball, she finds an extra note from Esther. Of course, Damon insists that it is far too dangerous for her to attend, and Elena immediately decides that she is going anyway.  Elena feels compelled (no pun intended) to attend, and she finds an unlikely ally in Stefan.  Caroline and Matt also receive invites, by way of Klaus and Rebekah respectively.

When everyone arrives, the plotting and scheming begins.  Elena and Stefan plot against Damon to sneak Elena in to see Esther.  Rebekah and Kol plot against Elena to kill Matt, which would make Elena suffer and therefore make Rebekah very happy.  Esther and Finn plot against the rest of the siblings to bind them all in a spell that will ultimately kill them.  It seems that, for once, the only person not plotting anything is Klaus.  He is too busy trying to win Caroline over the entire evening.

With Damon…distracted by Stefan, Elena manages to speak with Esther.  She discovers that Esther intends to kill all of her children, including Klaus, through a binding spell because they are an abomination and cannot be allowed to survive.  In order to perform the spell, she needs a drop of the doppelganger blood, which Elena supplies.  When later confronted by Elijah (who is suspicious of his mother’s intentions), Elena lies to him and tells him that Esther wanted to apologize to her.  With Finn’s help, Esther completes the binding spell that links all of her children as one.

Damon and Elena argue about her deception and his over-protectiveness. Damon then stumbles upon Kol getting ready to kill Matt, despite the fact that Rebekah already had a change of heart and instructed him not to.  Damon attacks Kol, drawing a crowd, and then stalks off into the night.  Later, he finds Rebekah at the Grill and they indulge in some…mutual comfort.  Meanwhile, Elena has figured out that Stefan isn’t as cold and calculated as he pretends to be, but is unsuccessful in getting him to admit it.

If nothing else, the ball was the perfect backdrop to showcase how wonderful these characters are.

I’ve said before that the writers really know how to create complex personalities that can be both good and bad.  The originals are no different.  With the exception of Kol, they all appear to have at least a smidge of conscience.  Finn helps his mother complete the spell, even though he knows it will kill him.  Rebekah sets out to kill Matt, but changes her mind when he is kind to her.  Elijah has always been a bit protective of Elena, and a bit more moral than the others. Even Klaus showed some humanity tonight in his pursuit of Caroline.  You almost don’t want to hate them, even though they are the oldest, most ruthless vampires alive.

The entire Mikaelson clan has only been around for one full episode, but I already find myself hoping that something goes wrong with Esther’s spell.  I’d like for them to stick around for a long, long time.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the Stefan/Elena/Damon love triangle, which is still going strong.  It felt like Stefan was the winner this week, with Damon going off the rails and sleeping with Rebekah, and Elena and Stefan’s conversation at the end about his broken emotions.  She’s not quite ready to throw in the towel on him yet.  However, that could all change next week (as it tends to do).

Episode Rating: 4.5/5
GS Reporter: Mirjana

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