TV REVIEW: The Vampire Diaries Season 3, Episode 15 – All My Children

After last week’s glitz and glamour, Mystic Falls is back to business in this last episode before the winter break.

Esther collects some surprising allies in her quest to rid the world of the originals. Elena learns the hard way that it’s never a good idea to lie to Elijah, and Dr. Fell’s true nature is finally revealed.  Caution: Contains Spoilers.

Despite everything that’s happened, Elena just can’t help but feel bad that Elijah is going to die along with his original brothers and sister.  When Elijah pays her a visit and reveals that he knows she lied to him at the ball, she has no choice but to tell him the truth.  Ever the survivor, Elijah kidnaps her and then tells Stefan and Damon that if they want her to survive, they have to stop Esther from casting the spell.

Esther has recruited Bonnie and Abby to her cause, using them to channel the power from all the witches of their bloodline.  This presents Stefan and Damon with a predicament – as long as Esther is using Bonnie and Abby as vessels, there’s no way to stop her.  Elijah suggested the path of least resistance: kill one of them to break the bloodline.  Understandably reluctant to go down that path, they get Alaric to stake Kol with the white ash dagger.  It works at first, but Klaus manages to stop them and free his siblings from the dagger’s effects, all while laying quite a beating on Alaric.

Left with no other option, the boys head to the old witch house.  Because the spell cannot be stopped while both Bonnie and Abby are witches, Damon does the logical thing and turns Abby into a vampire.  This breaks the channel of energy needed to complete the spell, and Esther and Finn flee into the night.  Meanwhile, Alaric is with Dr. Fell, who is nursing him back to health after his tussle with the originals.  She makes the mistake of leaving him alone, and he does a bit of snooping, finding the dagger that was used in one of the recent murders.  He doesn’t far with the knowledge, because Dr. Fell finds him and shoots him to end the episode.

If there’s one good thing to take from this episode, it’s that the originals survived to terrorize Mystic Falls another day.  It may be bad form to root for the bad guys, but they are so entertaining that it’s hard to hate them.  Some more so than others, of course; Kol is just a spoiled brat and Finn is a bit boring, but the rest of them are actually quite likable.  They’ve shown themselves to have some redeeming qualities (even Klaus) and it would be a real shame to see them go.

Elena is a good character, overall.  She’s kind, loves her family and friends and wants to protect them.  But occasionally she comes across as a bit too self-sacrificing; this is one of those episodes.  No one could experience all the things Elena’s gone through without going a little crazy, or having moments where they decide that it’s all a bit much.  It makes her difficult to relate at times.  Fortunately, it doesn’t usually last very long, so I expect she will be back to form soon.

Compared to “Homecoming,” which was the last episode before the mid-winter break back in November, this episode was pretty mediocre.  Yes, it did end on a cliffhanger, but that’s to be expected from this show at this point.  Thankfully, even when this show is not so great, it’s still pretty good.  When the show picks up again on March 15th, we’ll be going into the home stretch, so expect a lot more action as we head toward the season finale.

Episode Rating: 3/5
GS Reporter: Mirjana

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