TV REVIEW: The Vampire Diaries Season 3, Episode 20 – Do Not Go Gentle

It’s time for the annual decade dance at Mystic Falls High and this year’s theme is the Roaring Twenties.

Given their track record, you’d think the gang would never go near another dance. Thankfully, that’s not the case – it’s much more entertaining this way.  While our heroes are distracted swinging the night away, Esther and Alaric continue with their plans to create the ultimate vampire killing weapon.

Once Esther is back in her original body (bye bye Rebekah), she leads Alaric to the Salvatore crypt. She explains that the white oak stake is still not good enough – it will burn up with its victim once it’s been used. She takes Alaric’s ring and melts it down, coating the stake with the magically protected metal. Now they have an indestructible stake. They just need one more thing – an indestructible vampire slayer.

Elena is understandably reluctant to pick a date for the dance. After a conversation with Caroline, she decides to ask Stefan. Everything seems to be going smoothly until Damon shows up, revealing that he’s discovered that Alaric isn’t taking the herbs meant to keep Evil Alaric away. They argue about what to do next, but when the Salvatores try to leave with Elena, they discover that a binding spell has been placed on the gym, trapping them there. Esther appears and tells Elena that she needs to come with her. Once they’re at the Salvatore crypt, Alaric drinks Elena’s blood and then Esther stakes him – voila, a new original vampire is born.

While Bonnie works to break the binding spell, Jeremy and Matt go ahead to try and stop Esther. She gets the upper hand on them, but Alaric wakes from being staked as his old self and kills Esther. He decides that it would be too dangerous to everyone for him to undergo the transition, so he is not going to feed. Everyone says their goodbyes – Meredith gives him a sedative to ease his passing, and Damon stays to keep vigil until he’s dead.

Esther’s down but not out, though – she comes to Bonnie in a vision and tells her Bonnie has to finish the job. Entranced, Bonnie goes to the crypt and forces her blood down Alaric’s throat, completing the transition.

This episode kind of turned into a big tribute to Alaric – but that’s ok, it’s definitely well deserved.

It’s probably the saddest episode of the season so far. It was heartbreaking to watch everyone say their goodbyes to Alaric – especially Jeremy and Elena. One tends to forget that they have lost every parental figure they’ve ever had: their parents, Jenna and now Alaric. The reminder is really driven home here, as they’re forced to say goodbye yet again.

Damon’s vigil is also quite touching. The friendship between him and Alaric, unlikely as it may have seemed at one point, has always been entertaining. He stays with Alaric until the bitter end (or so he thinks), showing that deeper, caring side of himself that we don’t often get to see. It’s a fitting end for Alaric, making the decision to put everyone else’s safety ahead of his own. But while old Ric is gone (we think), Vampire Alaric is bound to wreak a lot of havoc in the last two episodes of the season.

Another thing this episode serves to highlight is how central Esther is to this entire story. We only just met her this season, but she set this entire thing into motion. She created the Originals, who in turn spawned the entire vampire race. In this episode we find out that she’s the reason for Alaric’s evil alter ego – every time he died while wearing the ring, in the time it took him to come back she was on the other side with him, nurturing his hatred for vampires.

With that kind of persistence, I am not convinced that we’ve seen the last of her.

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