TV REVIEW: The Vampire Diaries Season 3, Episode 22 – The Departed

Now that Season Three is officially over, it’s time to see who’s left standing in Mystic Falls. With Alaric hell bent on destroying Klaus and ending the vampire race once and for all, the gang gets a surprise visit from an old “friend.” Meanwhile, Caroline and Tyler get some unwelcome news from Sheriff Forbes and the Mayor.

The dust has barely settled from the “we daggered Klaus” celebration when Elijah shows up at Elena’s door. He proposes a deal: if they turn over Klaus’s body to him and Rebekah, he vows that no harm will ever come to Elena. To Damon’s dismay, Stefan leaves the decision to Elena and she eventually agrees. They agree to have Rebekah go and meet Damon, who is babysitting Klaus’s body. Elijah will stay behind in Mystic Falls and help them deal with Alaric.

Alaric appeals to Jeremy to help him find Klaus. He plays on Jeremy’s new protective streak by telling him the only way to keep Elena safe is to end all vampires forever. Jeremy appears to agree, but we find out it’s all a ruse to try and trap Alaric. He outsmarts them, however, by figuring out where Damon is hiding with Klaus. He manages to stake the body, and Klaus goes up in flames. Since Klaus sired their entire bloodline, the clock starts ticking for all the vampires – they have roughly an hour to start saying their goodbyes.

Tyler and Caroline have been informed that the council is out for their blood now that Alaric has exposed them. Sheriff Forbes and the mayor tell them that they have to get out of town. Caroline agrees to go, but she wants to help her friends first. She and Tyler agree to meet at a later point, but when Klaus is staked, Tyler immediately feels it and starts shifting. Caroline reluctantly leaves him.

With Klaus dead, Rebekah and Elijah decide that the only way to keep themselves safe is to kill Alaric. The only way to accomplish this is to kill Elena, who has been “kidnapped” by Matt in an attempt to get her out of town. When she decides to go back to Stefan, Matt turns the car around. As they hit the Wickery Bridge, Rebekah steps out into the middle of the road and Matt and Elena crash into the water below. Stefan arrives to help them, but Elena makes him take Matt first. By the time he’s returned for Elena, she’s dead, taking Alaric with her.

There are two pretty big twists in this episode. When Klaus is staked, everyone assumes that all the vampires are about to die. When that doesn’t happen, we find out that Bonnie has secretly performed some kind of spell which transferred his spirit to Tyler’s body. So while the wonderful Joseph Morgan is gone, Klaus lives on in the form of Tyler Lockwood. The second twist is around Elena’s death. When she collapsed at the end of last week’s episode, her injury was much more serious than Dr. Fell let on. She used vampire blood to heal her, so Elena died with vampire blood in her system. Sure enough, the last shot of the season is her on the mortuary table as she comes back to life.

This was a good episode, but as far as season finales went, it wasn’t really up to par. What it does do well, though, is set up some interesting story lines for next season.

Vampire Elena – because there’s no way she won’t complete the transition – is going to have to figure out a way to deal with the hand she’s been dealt. This is going to be difficult from her, because she’s explicitly stated that she’d never want to become a vampire. And there’s no telling what it’ll mean for the Stefan/Elena/Damon love triangle, especially now that we’ve learned that Elena actually met Damon first, but he compelled her to forget. When she regains her memory of it, will it change the way she feels about either of them?

Also, the Klaus/Caroline/Tyler triangle promises to be interesting. Klaus wants Caroline. Caroline wants Tyler. Klaus is now in Tyler’s body. This appears to work out very well for Klaus. But I am not convinced that Michael Trevino can pull off the Klaus swagger so brilliantly perfected by Joseph Morgan. I am really hoping there is a “gotcha!” moment where it’s revealed that Klaus is actually fine and we get to see JoMo back on our screens.

One person who definitely appears to be done is Matt Davis. At least, he’s done as an actual physical character. He appears to Jeremy as a ghost at the end of the episode, promising to always watch over him. It’s touching, and a wonderful last look at the Alaric everyone grew to love over the past three seasons. Hopefully, Jeremy will be in touch with him a lot so we don’t have to lose that relationship.

And thus beings the countdown to September…

Episode Rating: 3.5/5
GS Reporter: Mirjana

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