TV REVIEW: The Vampire Diaries Season 3, Episodes 5 and 6 – The Reckoning and Smells Like Teen Spirit

While the seniors are busy trying to plan their annual prank night, things get interesting when Klaus shows up at the school to confront Elena.  Meanwhile, Damon and Katherine may have finally figured out a way to get rid of Klaus once and for all…Caution: Contains Spoilers.

Episode 5: The Reckoning

A solid improvement over last week’s episode, which felt a bit like pointless filler.

Klaus returns to Mystic Falls, along with Rebekah and Stefan, and discovers that Elena is still alive.  He explains to the seniors that he’s been having trouble creating hybrids – as an example, he feeds Tyler his blood and then kills him.  He then tells Bonnie that she has 20 minutes to figure out how to make a hybrid, or Tyler will die like the others.  As for Stefan, Klaus tells him that he has to feed on Elena if he wants to be forgiven for lying.  Stefan resists, and Klaus compels him.  When the 20 minutes is up, Stefan fights the compulsion for as long as he can, allowing Elena to escape.  Enraged, Klaus finds them and forces Stefan to shut down his humanity.

Somewhere in the countryside, Katherine reveals to Damon that she’s kidnapped Jeremy.  Jeremy holds the key to Klaus’s demise – he can speak with Anna, who is the only person who knows where Mikael, the hunter from whom Klaus was running, is hidden.  Jeremy contacts Anna, but she warns them that if they awaken Mikael, he will kill all of them (the vampires).

Back at the school, Matt drowns himself in the pool in an attempt to contact Vicki, who has a message for Bonnie from the witch who cast the original curse on Klaus.  Bonnie is able to resuscitate him, and when he wakes up, Matt tells Bonnie that Klaus cannot create hybrids because Elena is alive – therefore, Klaus must kill her.  Klaus is no dummy, though – suspecting that the original witch may be trying to trick him, he does the opposite of what she says.  He feeds Elena’s blood to Tyler, thereby successfully creating his first hybrid.

Damon returns to Mystic Falls to confront Klaus – they fight in the school parking lot, where Damon informs him that Mikael is back.  Klaus promptly disappears, but not before instructing Stefan to stay behind and keep an eye on Elena, since she is now the key to creating his hybrid army.

I thought this was a much stronger episode than episode 4, even if the ending was a bit disappointing.  Klaus just disappeared into thin air – it really makes you wonder who Mikael is if the baddest vampire on the planet is terrified of him.  Klaus’s departure felt a bit abrupt, especially since Mikael isn’t really a factor yet, but I am hoping he returns soon.

I am also glad to see that Matt is getting some on screen time – he’s the only one of them left without a supernatural connection of some sort.  At first I was disappointed that he got the same power as Jeremy’s, but I think it does a nice job selling how lonely Matt really is.  He’s surrounded by all of these friends to whom he can no longer relate, and is desperate to connect with his dead sister.  I hope they continue on with him, I think he has a lot of potential.

The whole Stefan/Elena/Damon triangle is about to get interesting – I am a Stefan fan, and before this episode I never would’ve believed that he could truly turn off his emotions when it came to Elena.  But Paul Wesley sold it perfectly – the last scene of the episode was a real jaw dropper, and I cannot wait to see what happens next.

Episode 5 Rating: 4/5


Episode 6: Smells Like Teen Spirit

Really fitting title for this episode.

After his actions from last week, Matt continues to see Bonnie.  She tells him that there is a way for her to come back over to the other side – she has help from the original witch, and all she needs is for Matt to complete a ritual.  The ritual is successful, and while Vicki is still a ghost, she can come and go as she pleases.  Matt realizes his mistake when Vicki informs him that, as payment for helping her cross over, the original witch wants Vicki to kill Elena, because Elena is the key to creating Klaus’s hybrids.  When Matt realizes what Vicki intends to do, he enlists Bonnie’s help banishing her back to the other side.

Elena and Alaric devise a plan to capture Stefan and lock him up, thereby depriving him of human blood in an attempt to save him.  They manage to catch him off guard and tranquilize him, but unfortunately Vicki and her murderous plans get in the way when she tries to blow up the van they’ve got Stefan in.  They all manage to escape, however, and Stefan is now wise to their plans.

Tyler, meanwhile, has developed an unwavering loyalty to Klaus, putting a crimp in everyone’s plans to try and stop him.  Rebekah has also settled nicely into life at Mystic Falls, setting her sights on making Caroline’s life miserable.  Caroline and Tyler eventually talk it out and everything goes back to normal – for the moment.

My favorite part of this episode is the dynamic we now see between Elena and Stefan.  I have always liked the two of them together, and remain vehemently opposed to any kind of Elena/Damon relationship.  But now that Stefan’s humanity is gone, their interactions are very reminiscent of Elena’s early interactions with Damon – there’s a lot of sniping, a lot of nitpicking.  But no matter how hard he tries to push her away, Elena won’t give up.

I was happy with Matt again in this episode – even though he wanted to badly to reconnect with his sister, he knew that the cost was too high and had her banished anyway, knowing that he’d never be able to see her again.  I think he’s got a strength of character that’s not immediately obvious when you think about the fact that he’s just the “normal” guy, the one who lost his girlfriend (and eventually all his other friends) to vampires.  I want to see more of his involvement with the supernatural, especially since it appears that his actions may have triggered some interesting side effects when it comes to the spirits wandering around Mystic Falls.

A good ending, with a character from season two returning – hopefully they’ll make him more interesting this time around.


Episode 6 Rating: 3.5/5
GS Reporter: Mirjana

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