TV REVIEW: The Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 10 – “After School Special”

TVD_promoThe Mystic Falls gang is back to kick off the second half of the season, and they don’t waste any time getting down to business.

The race for the cure is on, with some new participants making things interesting. Klaus decides that Jeremy’s training isn’t progressing as quickly as he’d like, while Stefan enters into a surprising alliance.

I love it when the Originals are in town – it makes things so much more fun!

After a memorial to the late Mrs. Lockwood, Elena runs into some trouble in the form of Rebekah. She’s brainwashed April into helping her lure the unsuspecting vamp right into Rebekah’s clutches. Once she has Elena compelled, she calls Stefan to inform him that she has Elena, and that he’d better come get her. He enlists Caroline to help him, but they all wind up in the library with Elena, compelled to tell the truth. Rebekah embarks on a cruel game that toys with everyone’s emotions: Elena learns that Stefan knows about her and Damon, and Stefan learns that Elena is in love with Damon. All of this happens while she is trying to extract the location of the cure.

In the wake of Mrs. Lockwood’s death, Bonnie’s father returns to Mystic Falls to take over as interim mayor. He tries to bond with his daughter, who gets frustrated at the sudden interest when he’s been gone so long. She turns to Professor Shane for comfort, who tells her she’s learned all she can from him and gifts her with a creepy amulet made from human bone. She can now use it to channel her magic. Right after she leaves Shane, he is kidnapped by Kol – Rebekah has discovered that he knows the location of the cure.

Since Rebekah no longer has any interest or need for the others, she summons Tyler and compels him to change. Knowing that if he changes he will kill the vampires, everyone escapes. Caroline eventually finds him in human form and comforts him. Meanwhile, Elena tries to talk to Stefan about all of the things that came out, but he refuses. Rebekah shows up and tells Elena she can take away the hurt Elena has caused Stefan – she can erase his memories of Elena – all of them. Elena balks, but Stefan tells her to do it. Rebekah goes back on her word, telling him he has to suffer as punishment for all the pain she has endured.

Kol is torturing Shane for information, and when Rebekah joins him, they discover that he has been using Bonnie because he wants to resurrect Silas – the first ever immortal creature (incidentally, also the one who has the cure). Kol insists that Silas would kill them all and bring hell on earth, and he impales Shane to keep him from carrying out his plan. Unfortunately for him, Bonnie has placed a protection spell on Shane, and he comes back to life.

While all of this is going on, Damon is with Jeremy and Matt at the Gilbert cabin, training him to become a better hunter. Klaus isn’t happy with his progress, so he pushes the issue. He starts converting people in town, forcing Jeremy to kill one of them when she attacks. He later lures him to a bar full of newly turned vampires. One should never say that Klaus doesn’t know how to get what he wants…

At the end of the episode, Rebekah reveals to Stefan that she still wants the cure because she wants to use it on Klaus. He offers to help her – after all, he hates his brother and she hates hers. And so, the newest unholy alliance is formed.

I thought this was a good return from the break, with plenty of action to get us back into the swing of things.

We’re definitely starting to see some changes in the characters, especially Stefan. He’s apparently decided that he’s not going to take Elena and Damon’s betrayal lying down, which is certainly preferable to him moping about it. One of the reasons I enjoyed evil!Stefan so much was because he actually had a backbone. I would really love to see some of that come back. What this says for his relationship with Damon, I am not sure, but I really hope that, in the end, they won’t let Elena come between them.

One character who isn’t making any progress is April – this week she continued her pattern of just being fodder for vampire manipulation. Understandably, she’s upset that she’s been compelled multiple times, but her attitude pushes her right into Rebekah’s clutches. While some may call her anger righteous, she comes across more petulant and annoying than anything.

I can’t wait to see what happens with Rebekah and Stefan’s alliance; if history is anything to go by, she will wind up getting hurt in some way. This time, I really hope Stefan can resist, as I am curious to see what happens with these two.


Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Mirjana

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