TV REVIEW: The Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 11 – “Catch Me If You Can”

TVD_promoKol tries his best to end the hunt for the cure, and winds up making himself a whole lot of enemies. Jeremy faces a serious threat from a surprising source, and Professor Shane shows exactly how manipulating he can be.


Still frustrated with Jeremy and Damon, Klaus compels the new vampires to try and kill Matt. Once Matt is escorted to safety by Elena, Damon and Jeremy return to the bar to find all the newborns dead. They were killed by Kol, who appears and tells them their hunt for the cure is dangerous. If Silas is resurrected, he will bring about the end of days. Damon doesn’t buy it, and distracts Kol while Jeremy escapes.

Eager for an upper hand in the race for the cure, Stefan and Rebekah search Shane’s office for Silas’s headstone. They start to reminisce over the old days, but are interrupted by someone else looking for the stone. He uncovers it and is captured by the two vampires. They try forcing him to reveal who sent him, but he’s obviously been compelled and kills himself. Stefan and Rebekah conclude that there must be another unknown party in the hunt for the cure.

Bonnie is upset about nearly killing April – Shane comforts her, until he is handcuffed and dragged away by Sheriff Forbes for the murder of the 12 council members (April spilled the beans). When Bonnie argues with her father, she asks to see Shane, and Shane confesses to her that the deaths were part of the ritual meant to bring Silas back.  Bonnie is angry that he lied, but he plays on her guilt over her grandmother – tells her that if she helps him bring back Silas, she can see her grandmother again. Bonnie attacks him with magic, enjoying the dark power she now has. He talks her down, and then convinces her father that Bonnie needs him to control her magic.

While Elena and Matt argue about Damon,  Jeremy calls and tells Elena that Kol has Damon. She goes to Klaus for help, asking him to call Kol off. When Klaus does, Kol promises he won’t hurt Jeremy. He won’t have to – he compels Damon to kill Jeremy. Damon realizes he’s compelled and tries to warn Jeremy off, even as he hunts him. Elena calls Stefan for help, but he’s reluctant. They have a showdown in the caves, and Jeremy escapes by shooting Damon in the head. Jeremy is wounded, though, and Damon tracks the scent of his blood. Elena tries to stop him, and tells him that he can resist the compulsion because he loves her. He can’t, though, and is about to go after Jeremy again when Stefan intervenes, killing him.

Stefan locks Damon up in the Salvatore basement, and then warns Elena to stay away from him, because Damon will use his sire bond to get Elena to release him. She tries again to talk to Stefan about the recent events, and he shuts her down. He then goes off to meet with Rebekah, and they carry on getting…reacquainted. Back at Casa de Gilbert, Jeremy and Elena talk about how to avoid killing innocent vampires, and Elena is struck with an idea. When an Original vampire is killed, all those in his sire line die. Therefore, the solution is simple – Jeremy has to kill Kol.

Not a terribly exciting episode in and of itself, but it felt as though the groundwork was being laid for future events. Who is the unknown party that’s interested in the cure? Is it another one of the Originals? Elijah, perhaps (please, oh please)? And Kol has set himself up as enemy to more than one person – who will get to him first?

Professor Shane has revealed himself to be a master manipulator. First, he’s been manipulating Bonnie from the beginning, and then he manipulates her father, who at the beginning of the episode had him thrown in prison.  He’s an interesting character. because you want to dislike him, but you can’t help but wonder what really is motivating him to want to bring Silas back. Is there someone else he wants to see again? Kudos to David Alpay for walking the fine line and making the character more than just the creepy professor with an “afterlife fetish.”

It was nice to see Stefan remind Elena that she can’t always take his love for granted. He’s always been at his most interesting when he has a backbone, and it’s good that this time he does it on his own, rather than under a compulsion by Klaus. Though, it’s interesting to point out that Stefan was able to resist Klaus’s compulsion last season because of his love for Elena, yet Damon wasn’t able to do the same. Makes you think, doesn’t it?


Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: Mirjana

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