TV REVIEW: The Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 12 – “A View to a Kill”

TVD_promoAn action-packed episode this week – plans come together, relationships start to fall apart, and Klaus finally finds out that he’s not all-powerful…


Any hope that Stefan had of keeping his relationship with Rebekah a secret vanishes when Klaus catches him trying to sneak out the morning after. He’s come to Rebekah for help taking Kol down – she does have the dagger, after all, along with some white oak ash – but she refuses him. He turns to Stefan for help. Stefan brings him to the Salvtore house and has him babysit Damon. They wind up chatting, and Klaus has a rare moment of vulnerability when he asks Damon how Elena still loves him after all the terrible things he’s done. Damon figures out that Klaus is worried Caroline will never forgive him for killing Mayor Lockwood.

Klaus isn’t the only one who wants Kol dead – Elena and Jeremy are proceeding with their plan to kill him. All Jeremy has to do is stake him, and then Kol’s entire sire line will die, completing Jeremy’s hunter mark and thus the map to the cure. Elena calls Stefan to tell him about the plan. She asks Stefan to get the dagger from Rebekah so that Matt can dagger her, removing both her and Kol from the equation. Stefan is conflicted, but he agrees.

As interim Mayor, Bonnie’s father continues to make problems for her. He’s added vervaine to the water supply, and has imposed a curfew. When she tries to leave to help Elena and crew with their plan, Abbey (her vampire mother from last season) shows up to stop her. But Bonnie can no longer be contained, and she winds up escaping.

Elena calls Kol and tells him she wants to form a truce over Silas. He shows up at the Gilbert house, and Jeremy invites him in. He and Elena talk about Silas, and Kol is suspicious about why Elena would give up the hunt for the cure. She tells him she’ll do anything to protect Jeremy. He leaves, telling her he’ll consider the truce, but he quickly returns and attacks her and Jeremy. While he’s looking for them, he calls Klaus to tell him what’s going on – he thinks Klaus is in on it.  After some scuffling and with Elena’s help, Jeremy manages to stake Kol. Klaus arrives just in time to watch his brother burn. He flies off the handle, threatening to kill them all, but Bonnie arrives just in time and manages to trap him in the living room.

Stefan and Rebekah head over to the high school for the canceled 80s dance. They appear to have a pretty nice time, but Matt is lurking in the shadows, ready to dagger Rebekah once Stefan gets the dagger from her. She surprises Stefan by handing the dagger over to him, telling him that she wants to be human, so he doesn’t dagger her. This news doesn’t go down well at the Salvatore house, where everyone has gathered. Damon and Stefan have a disagreement, but they are saved from a full out fight by Jeremy’s mark completing itself.

I thought this was the strongest episode since the show came back from its mid-winter break. There was plenty of action, and lots of interesting tension is building around the different relationships going on.

I’ve said in the past that Stefan is bad at being duplicitous, but he must be getting better. I spent most of the episode trying to figure out if he was being sincerely nice to Rebekah, or if he was just trying to trick her once again to get to the dagger. In the end, I am glad that he didn’t dagger her. I can’t help but like Rebekah; yes, she’s done some bad things, but nowhere near on the same scale as most of them, and she has been betrayed repeatedly by a lot of different people. Yet despite it all, she still can’t help herself wanting more. She just wants to be loved, really, and who can’t sympathize with that?

Very sad to see Kol go – I am hoping they have more for him in the Originals spinoff that’s coming. Maybe through flashbacks, if the show winds up taking place in the present day. Interesting villains always make things better, and Kol wasn’t without his redeeming qualities. We saw a bit of it this week when he was talking with Elena (before he went all crazy killer on her, that is) about his past, and how he spent time with witches and the faith he had in the stories they told him. I would’ve really liked to get to know him better, I feel that he was sorely underused. Really hoping this isn’t the last we see of him.

Finally, Klaus finds himself in an interesting predicament. He’s discovered that he’s not all powerful, since Bonnie was able to trap him in the Gilbert’s living room. I think he’s possibly the most complex character on the show – he’s evil, of that there’s no doubt, but he’s also obviously someone who feels very deeply. He cares about Caroline, and oh what a great moment that was, when he inadvertently revealed that to Damon. Also, he’s distraught over Kol’s death – though I really think that was more of a “I can kill him, but no one else can” temper tantrum. Or was it? Stefan did say it best – the Originals may be crazy and completely dysfunctional, but in the end, they do stick together.

Looking forward to next week, when the hunt for the cure really begins!


Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Mirjana

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