TV REVIEW: The Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 13 – “Into the Wild”

TVD_promoWith Kol dead and Klaus trapped in the Gilberts’ living room, the gang sets off for Nova Scotia to find the cure. When they get there, the details of Professor Shane’s plans finally come to light.


Bit of a clunker this week, but it wasn’t without its good moments.

Kol is dead; Klaus is trapped in the Gilberts’ living room for three days; with their obstacles to finding the cure eliminated, Shane sets off to a remote island off the coast of Nova Scotia with his motley crew (Stefan, Damon, Elena, Rebekah, Bonnie and Jeremy). This remote island is where Silas is supposedly buried, deep underneath a well. How do we know this? Because Shane’s dead wife (who was a witch, by the way) told him so. We find out that when Shane’s wife was still alive, she tried to bring their dead son back to life using expression, and it killed her because she didn’t know how to control it. Cheery, huh?

Things go a bit wonky from the start as the gang finds out the island is booby-trapped. There are also hatchet-wielding madmen running around. The gang makes camp, and the night only gets weirder from there. In the morning, Jeremy is gone. The group splits up to look for him – Bonnie, Shane and Damon stay behind so Bonnie can do a locator spell, while Rebekah, Elena and Stefan search the woods. Elena and Rebekah bicker the entire time, and Stefan eventually confronts Rebekah on her attitude toward Elena. Rebekah then lists out all of the things Elena has done to her, including her involvement in the deaths of two of her brothers. When they get back to the campsite, Shane, Bonnie and the tombstone are all gone.

It appears Damon wasn’t wrong about Shane – we find out that he’s orchestrated everything, including Jeremy’s kidnapping so that he, Jeremy and Bonnie can go raise Silas without the others. Why without the others? Because they’re needed for the last of three massacres needed to resurrect Silas (the first two being the council and all of Klaus’s hybrids). While all of that is going down, Rebekah and Elena call a truce, and Damon is attacked in the forest by another hunter (one of the five).

Back at the Gilbert house, Tyler shows up to taunt Klaus, but it backfires on him when Caroline shows up and Klaus attacks and bites her. Tyler takes her away at first, but then he brings her back, saying that Klaus should have to watch her die. As they wait, Caroline tells him that there’s a part of him that’s human – that she knows he loves her, and if he’s capable of feeling love, he’s capable of being saved. Klaus is visibly moved, and in the end he feeds her his blood, saving her life.

Overall, I thought this was a very weak episode. The whole Silas story line is completely uninteresting to me, though the cure itself poses some interesting questions. At first it was all about getting the cure for Elena, but now everyone has started to think about what they would do with the cure. And when they voice their intentions, there are a few surprises.

Stefan and Rebekah both want to take the cure to escape the misery of being a vampire. Damon says he won’t take it, not even for Elena, but I don’t really know what to make of Damon these days, so I don’t know whether to believe him or not. The differences between Stefan and Damon are called out yet again in this episode – Elena wants Damon to take the cure and be with her, but he wants no part of it (or at least he says he doesn’t). Stefan wants to take it, but Elena’s not his motivation anymore. His struggles with being a vampire are no secret, so I’m glad he’s finally putting himself first. At this rate, Elena won’t have either brother at her beck and call when all is said and done, and she kinda deserves it.

The scenes between Klaus and Caroline really saved the episode for me – it’s no secret that I want Caroline to ditch Tyler and hook up with Klaus. He’s just so much more interesting, and Caroline’s really the only one who can get past his sneering exterior. I hope that Caroline actually meant what she said, and that she wasn’t just manipulating Klaus into giving her his blood. Hopefully we’ll find out in the weeks to come!


Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Mirjan

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