TV REVIEW: The Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 14 – “Down the Rabbit Hole”

TVD_promoThings get complicated when a new, critical piece of information is revealed. Desperate to help, Caroline and Tyler find help from a surprising source. Thankfully, things picked up a lot this week – not sure I would’ve survived another episode like last week’s.

With Bonnie and Jeremy gone, Rebekah, Stefan and Elena are at a loss, wondering what to do next. Stefan and Elena speak, and he confides to her that he wanted to be human again long before he met her. Of course, Rebekah witnesses the moment. They finally remember that they still have one card up their sleeve – Klaus’s sword can translate the map and lead them to the cure. Tyler and Caroline find it, and bring it to show to Klaus. He reveals that it’s in Aramaic, and for some reason actually helps them to translate it. There’s good news and bad news – they now have the map to the cure, but there is only one dose. Klaus manages to get the message to Rebekah when they’re sending the map.

Damon is bonding (not really) with his hunter friend, Vaughn, in the woods, when the hunter reveals that he intends to use the single dose to cure Silas so he can kill him. This would end the mission of the Five Hunters forever. Meanwhile, Bonnie manages to unseal the tomb, bringing an avalanche of huge rocks down on them. She and Jeremy are fine, but Shane isn’t, and they leave him. Bonnie sees her Grams, but Jeremy can’t – he tells her that it’s Silas trying to control her, like he’s been doing to Shane with the vision of his wife. So we find out that it’s Jeremy that keeps her grounded, not Shane.

Now that they have the map, Stefan, Elena and Rebekah set off. Rebekah tells Stefan about the single dose, and she figures out that despite the fact that he wants to be human, he’d give it to Elena anyway. To prevent that, she snaps his neck and sets off. She eventually comes upon Damon and the hunter, and is soon joined by Elena and Stefan. There’s a scrum, but the hunter gets away. Stefan sends Elena after him and stays to tend to Damon, but Damon tells him to go too to make sure that Elena gets the cure since he wants Elena to have it and Damon doesn’t.

Bonnie and Jeremy get to the crypt and find Silas; they quickly realise that they can’t get the cure without raising him. The other hunter shows up and stabs Bonnie – he and Jeremy fight, but Elena eventually shows up and removes him from the equation. She encourages Jeremy to wake Silas, but he refuses until she helps Bonnie. We find out then that “Elena” is actually Katherine, and she forces Jeremy to feed Silas. As soon as the cure is free, she grabs it and takes off. Silas feeds from Jeremy and eventually kills him.

Back at the Gilbert house, Caroline asks Klaus to show mercy on Tyler – they’re afraid Klaus will kill him for Kol and for turning the hybrids against him. He agrees to show mercy for her sake, but only in that he’ll give Tyler a head start before he sets out to kill him. The episode closes back in the caves, with a shot of Bonnie and Jeremy’s bodies lying on the ground.

This episode felt a lot more like classic TVD  – they’ve gone back to the formula that’s always worked for them. Throw out a plot device that forces everyone to reveal their true character, and then end the episode with a heck of a cliffhanger. Where did Katherine make off to with the cure? Is Jeremy really dead? Is Bonnie?

After the Alaric fiasco, Jeremy’s not wearing the Gilbert get-out-of-death-free ring anymore, so we have to assume he’s really dead. I hope not – I’ve always felt that Jeremy is sorely underused as a character, or that he’s only used in ways that make him come off annoying or whiny. He may have started off that way in season one, but I really feel as though he’s become a strong character in his own right. I was pleased when they gave him a purpose this season by making him a hunter, and I am curious to see how they deal with his death. Will they make him a vampire? Since Silas isn’t dead, he is still a hunter – I would love to see that conflict, becoming the very thing he is compelled to eliminate.

Obviously, we knew that they weren’t going to get the cure. There wouldn’t be a show if they all cured themselves. However, the single dose bombshell made for some interesting TV anyway; we found out that Rebekah is out for herself, Stefan is still looking to protect Elena and that Damon is capable of being selfless. It’ll be interesting to see the consequences play out once the dust has settled as not everyone was so eager for a shot at the cure.

However, Klaus got Caroline to admit that she wouldn’t take the cure. I tend to agree with her – she has been infinitely better as a character since she became a vampire. Much, much better than last week – here’s hoping they continue on this trend as we enter the home stretch leading to the end of the season.

Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Mirjana

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