TV REVIEW: The Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 15 – “Stand by Me”

TVD_promoEveryone is forced to face the truth about Jeremy. Brainwashed by Professor Shane, Bonnie tries to tell them that there may be  a way to bring him back.


So I misspoke last week when I said that Jeremy wasn’t wearing the Gilbert ring. He was, but it no longer works on him, since he’s a supernatural being (one of The Five).

Rebekah and Damon set off to look for Bonnie.  Shane took her – he tells her that Silas healed him, and that Silas killed Jeremy. When Bonnie falls apart, Shane calms her by telling her she has the power to bring Jeremy back. Shane wants Bonnie to help him with the final massacre of 12, which will break the veil between the human world and supernatural purgatory, where all supes go when they die. Bonnie eventually agrees, for Jeremy’s sake.

During the search for Bonnie, Rebekah and Damon discover that Vaughn is still alive. He tells them that Katherine is the one who helped him find Silas. Katherine knew about the hunter’s mark and cure from Hayley, the werewolf that was in league with Shane. Done with him, Rebekah throws him into the well, and he tells her Silas is up on the island, awake. He warns her that if they don’t use the cure to kill Silas, they’re all doomed.

Elena holds onto hope that Jeremy can be brought back, because it’s all that’s keeping her together. When Stefan realizes that Jeremy’s body is starting to decompose, he calls Dr. Fell. She tries rationalizing with Elena and she attacks her. Stefan tells Damon to get back, they need the sire bond to keep Elena together. As he’s leaving, he finds Bonnie, and she tells him she knows what to do to bring Jeremy back. He and Bonnie go back to Mystic Falls and Bonnie tells everyone her plans. They all tell her that it’s a terrible idea. Shane continues to brainwash her, though, and she is determined to do it.

Elena realizes that the cost of bringing Jeremy back is much too high, and she goes into action, getting ready to burn the house down with Jeremy’s body in it as a cover. She loses it, and Damon tells her to turn off her humanity. She does, and then she burns the house down. Back on the island, Rebekah is trying to get away when she comes across Shane’s body. She thinks him dead, but he wakes briefly and says Silas’s name. So now we know that the Shane back in Mystic Falls isn’t Shane at all, but Silas.

So, Elena is finally about to go off the deep end. I must say that I, for one, am glad – I have never liked Elena less than I have since she’s become a vampire. She’s always been a character that feels very deeply, but as a vampire that just translated into a whole lot of whining and angst. I doubt my feelings toward her will improve much as the series progresses, but at least now she’ll be mindlessly feeding on people and I’ll feel a bit better about disliking her so much.

I am so very sorry to see Jeremy go. I maintain that he has been extremely underused as a character up until this season. First he was the whiny emo teenage brother, and then when he grew out of that he was very much a secondary character, usually used as a pawn in someone else’s game. It wasn’t until this season that I felt he really came into his own as a character, when he had his own purpose as a Hunter. Still, we may see more of him yet, if Silas has his way. Here’s hoping he doesn’t come back as a zombie or something equally gross.

A pretty tame episode this week, and I thought the whole thing with Damon making Elena turn off her humanity was incredibly predictable. We knew from the beginning that she would be unable to deal with her grief if another really bad thing happened to her, so the writers took the easiest way out of that, in my opinion. But again, let’s hope it at least makes her more interesting.

Silas possessing Shane’s body was an interesting twist, but again, they’ve been playing with the whole body swap thing for a while now. The best part of the episode was the very brief exchange between Stefan and Damon at the end, where they appear to come to some kind of peace over Elena. I still haven’t forgiven Damon for his betrayal, but it’s nice to know that Stefan is a better person than I am.

The show is on a two-week break now, so there is no new episode until the 14th of March. For those of you that were hoping for crazy vampire Elena, looks like you’ll have to wait just a bit longer.


Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: Mirjana

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