TV REVIEW: The Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 2 – “Memorial”

After the explosive end to last week’s episode, this week is all about remembering those the Mystic Falls gang have lost. And, of course, making sure Elena doesn’t kill anyone in a baby vampire blood lust frenzy.

Just when you thought it was safe for the vampires to come out again, we’ve got a new baddie in town.

While Stefan and Elena are in the woods trying to start her off on a diet of vampire blood, a newcomer named Connor Jordan is making his way around Mystic Falls looking for vampires to kill. How does he plan on finding them? Well, he’s got magic vampire-finding gloves, you see. When he visits Mayor Lockwood and Tyler reacts to the verveine on the gloves, Connor shoots him point blank. Thankfully, Tyler’s hybrid blood saves him.

Stefan and Damon argue about (what else?) Elena and her transition. Stefan thinks she should be on animal blood, while Damon thinks a more traditional route is best. It turns out Damon is right, as Elena’s body rejects the animal blood. Ever the hero, Damon offers to let Elena take his blood, which her body also rejects. Her savior, fittingly, turns out to be Matt, who offers to let her feed on him – after all, it’s the least he can do, right?

As the town gets ready for the memorial service honoring the council members killed in last week’s episode, an old friend comes back to Mystic Falls. April Young, played by Grace Phipps, is he daughter of Pastor Young, who ignited the explosion that killed the council. She tells Elena she is having trouble with her father’s eulogy, but it turns out she doesn’t have to worry about it, because Connor kidnaps her right before the service. He stabs her, letting her bleed out in the hopes that the scent of her blood will draw out the vampires in the crowd. While the vamps struggle with what to do, Tyler gets up to the podium and is shot (again) by Connor. Damon pursues him, but he gets away.

Stefan isn’t at all happy that Damon let Elena feed on him, and he isn’t happy with Elena for lying to him. But he sees her struggling with her heightened emotions and brings the gang together to finish the memorial that was originally planned – they light candle lanterns for everyone they’ve lost over the past few seasons. Damon refuses to take part – instead, he goes to Alaric’s grave to complain to his friend. In a nice surprise, we see Matt Davis back as Alaric’s ghost, listening to what Damon has to say.

This show is always entertaining, but it’s starting to feel a little as though they’re stuck on repeat with their story lines. Stefan and Damon are arguing over Elena. We get rid of one threat to the vampires, only to have another random hunter pop up. Even Matt, sweet Matt, is still lamenting the fact that he’s the only normal (read, human) person left in Mystic Falls. Given their history, I am confident that the writers will spin each story out with new, interesting twists. For the moment, though, it feels a bit like we’re on autopilot.

The episode did have it’s good moments, though. The lantern memorial at the end was incredibly touching, as was Damon visiting Alaric’s grave. Well, it wasn’t exactly touching, but it was nice in a Damon kind of way. Also, it was really, really good to see Matt Davis back – I still haven’t quite recovered from losing Alaric last season, and I would love to see some more cameos this season.¬†Finally, who doesn’t love some conflict between the Salvatore brothers?

Looking for things to start picking up next week, when we start learning some more about Connor – who will he set his sights on next?

Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: Mirjana

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  1. Hey, I stopped watching VD after season 2, I found it got too complicated and too much like True Blood, but your review made me interested again, so thanks!

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