TV REVIEW: The Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 20 – “The Originals”

TVD_promoIn the unofficial pilot for the Originals spin-off series, Klaus heads down to New Orleans to check out a witch who is scheming against him. While he’s there, he gets some very surprising news. I have been waiting for this episode since the powers that be announced it a few months ago. A spin-off series all about The Originals? How awesome would that be? Based on this unofficial pilot, pretty awesome indeed.

Tipped off by Katherine, Klaus heads down to New Orleans to investigate a witch that’s plotting against him. It’s a homecoming, of sorts – Klaus and his family have history in New Orleans. When he arrives, however, he finds a city much changed from the one he left a century ago. Vampires roam freely, and the witches are completely under heel. He finds that his protegé Marcel is behind it all, and Marcel welcomes him with open arms. He even finds the witch that Klaus is looking for; it doesn’t do him much good, though – Marcel kills her before he can discover anything.

Tensions run high pretty quickly between Klaus and Marcel, because Klaus is incapable of playing second fiddle to anyone. But while he’s investigating the witch situation, he discovers that the witches have taken Hayley. Initially he is confused as to why they think he would care, but then they reveal that Hayley is carrying his child. Klaus denies it and storms off, only to be tracked down by Elijah, who has followed him from Mystic Falls. Elijah tries to convince him that the child is the fresh start they need, that they can finally settle down and be a family. Klaus rejects the idea.

He starts to rethink things when he realizes that he wants what Marcel has – power, loyalty and family. In his own words, he wants to be king. He decides to work with the witches to bring Marcel down from the inside. Elijah returns to Mystic Falls to ask Rebekah to join them, but she refuses. Katherine also begs Elijah to leave Klaus, but he refuses, and says goodbye to her.

And on a much less interesting note, Elena is still locked in the Salvatore basement while they try to starve some emotion back into her. Tons of interesting stuff going on in this episode – we got some great insight into what drives Klaus, and got introduced to some great new characters.

Klaus started off the episode his usual cocky self, but his confidence is really shaken by both Marcel and the baby bomb. He has a rare vulnerable moment while talking to Elijah, admitting that the reason he wants people to fear him is because his father made him feel powerless for so long (remember, his father hunted him for years trying to destroy him). You can’t exactly blame the guy for being a bit cautious about the whole family thing. Yet Elijah doesn’t give up on him, because he still believes that his brother can be saved. He believes it so much that he’s willing to leave Katherine behind to stay with him.

While this show has always been fairly good at writing relationships (less so recently, I think), I do love the way they do sibling relationships. Often the sibling relationship is so messed up on the outside, but deep down there is that strong bond that simply cannot be broken. Look at the Salvatore brothers – they spend most of their existence fighting over the same woman, yet they still keep coming back to each other.

Watching Klaus and Elijah in this episode was reminiscent of that – Klaus can bluster all he wants, but he needs Elijah. Daniel Gillies does such a great with Elijah – he’s always calm and collected, yet you know that he could turn ruthless at the drop of a hat. Still, he’s a good balance for Klaus’s hot temper and seems to be able to keep him in line. That’s something he’ll need is he has any hope of getting rid of Marcel.

Speaking of Marcel (played by Charles Michael Davis), he looks to be a worthy foe for Klaus. On the surface he’s quick to offer a smile and a good time, but there’s definitely something lurking below that Klaus should watch out for. Klaus may have sired him, but Marcel didn’t get where he is by being a pushover. It’ll be a very interesting battle between these two for sure. We also see a new potential love interest for Klaus – a bartender by the name of Camille. Played by Leah Pipes, Camille is a psychology student, which means she’s pretty good at figuring people out. I am sure trying to figure Klaus out will keep her busy for many episodes to come.

The Originals has been picked up for a full series, which is great news. There’s definitely a more adult vibe to it, and New Orleans provides such a sultry backdrop for the whole thing, it’s almost like a character on its own. I hope they continue to explore these stories in the final three episodes.

Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Mirjana

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