TV REVIEW: The Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 7 – “My Brother’s Keeper”

TVD_promoHere it is…the moment Delena fans have been waiting for. Or is it?

Set in the backdrop of the Miss Mystic Falls pageant, this episode had a lot of great, tense moments, as well as some emotional ones. Kicking it all off, Stefan informs Damon that he and Elena have broken up. Damon takes the news surprisingly gracefully, and not in the “neener neener, I win, you lose” kind of way I would’ve expected from him. He offers to have some “bonding” time with Stefan, who blows him off. Damon seems perturbed by Stefan’s attitude, but that doesn’t stop him running off after Elena.

Stefan shows up at the hospital, looking for criminals to turn into vampires for Jeremy to kill. This is a plot he’s hatched with Klaus, but as it tends to happen when Stefan tries to do naughty things, everything backfires spectacularly. Jeremy tells Matt that he’s been having nightmares about killing Elena, and that all he can think about is hunting vampires. When he kills the vampire Stefan provides him, he goes into Hunter mode and stabs Stefan, escaping to get a start on his new mission in life. His first stop: the Miss Mystic Falls pageant.

Caroline is juggling pageant organization, an argument with Elena over her relationship with Stefan and her promised date with Klaus. Surprisingly, Klaus is the least of her worries – he’s charming, funny, playful – everything you wouldn’t expect. They talk about a lot of things, including Elena’s relationship with Damon. Of course, Tyler doesn’t like this, and it makes him more determined to get on with his and Hayley’s plan to un-sire all of the hybrids. But is it really their plan? It turns out that the mastermind behind it is Professor Shane – Hayley visits him and asks him to keep Tyler out of harm’s way once everything is done.

Jeremy attacks Elena at the pageant, but is stopped by Matt and Stefan. Stefan tells her what he and Klaus have been doing, and she tells him that she does not want to be cured if it’s going to cost Jeremy his humanity. To keep her out of harms way, Matt moves into the Gilbert house and Elena goes to live with the Salvatores. Except Stefan leaves, not wanting to be there with her. This leaves Damon and Elena free to get to know each other better, and they take full advantage of it.

There is one problem, though – in talking about it, Caroline thinks back on Elena’s behavior and her conversation with Klaus earlier in the day. Between the two of them, they realize that Elena may be sired to Damon – rare for vampires, but it does happen – and may not have complete control of her emotions or her ability to make decisions. A very interesting twist indeed.

Stefan vs Damon: who should Elena be with? That’s been the big question pretty much since maybe Season 2, definitely Season 3. I will admit my pro-Stefan bias up front – he’s good, he loves her, he always puts her before himself. Admittedly, though, he can be a bit broody and mopey.

Damon is the attractive bad-boy option, which is always appealing. But he’s arrogant, selfish and operates primarily in his own self-interest, including when it comes to Elena. But for all his faults, I really hope that it turns out he’s not taking advantage of Elena – if he knew about the sire bond and did it anyway, that would be completely unforgivable. In the end, though, I don’t think he does and I think he’ll do the right thing – there’s a decent person who loves Elena and who loves his brother buried in there somewhere.

I really enjoyed Caroline and Stefan’s relationship here as well – he was her shoulder to lean on for so long, and now she is playing that role for him. It’s something he really needs, given the two most important people in his life are off playing house without him. And is it bad that I really like Caroline and Klaus together? Nothing against Tyler, but Caroline brings out a different side of Klaus that I think everyone benefits from.

Looks like the next episode will be a Salvatore road trip to New Orleans to investigate the possible sire bond between Damon and Elena, so look for emotions to be running high!


Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Mirjana

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