TV REVIEW: The Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 8 – “We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street”

TVD_promoStefan and Damon head down to New Orleans to revisit the past, while Elena stays behind with Bonnie and Caroline for some much-needed girl bonding. Elsewhere, through Tyler and Hayley, the details of Professor Shane’s plan start to evolve…

For the second week in a row The Vampire Diaries delivers a great episode full of interesting twists, along with some great emotion.

Damon and Elena are still basking in their post-coital glow when Stefan arrives to tell Damon his theory. Damon doesn’t believe that Elena is sired to him, so Stefan has him prove it. He challenges Damon to tell Elena that it’s alright for her to drink from a blood bag (you’ll recall that earlier in the season she wasn’t able to, after Damon told her she had to drink fresh blood from the vein). He accepts the challenge and goes to Mystic Falls High; wouldn’t you know it, the moment he says it’s ok, Elena is able to drink from the blood bag.

After some soul-searching, Damon tells Stefan that they have to go to New Orleans. You see, this isn’t the first time this has happened to Damon – back in 1942, he sired another female vampire who was desperate to do his bidding. At the time, he found a witch who claimed to be able to break the sire bond, but she’s obviously long gone. The brothers come upon her daughter, though, who initially turns them away. They persist, and she eventually reveals that the kind of magic needed to break a sire bond is so forbidden that’s so evil it’s beyond even dark magic – it’s called “expression.” Why is it so evil? Because it requires human sacrifice, and the channeling of human souls toward whatever purpose the witch is trying to achieve. Yeah, dark stuff.

The cost to break a vampire sire bond? 12 human souls.

In Hybrid land, Tyler and Hayley are still pushing the hybrids to break their sire bonds. When a she-wolf (Kim) steps up and challenges Tyler, a power struggle for Alpha of the pack breaks out. Kim takes it to the next level when she goes to Casa de Salvatore, where girls’ night is going very poorly due to Caroline’s inability to stop goading Elena about Damon. She winds up inadvertently revealing that Elena is sired to Damon, but before the repercussions can play out, Kim breaks in and kidnaps Caroline. Elena and Bonnie immediately track down Tyler and go to her rescue. Tyler ultimately gets Kim to submit, and the entire pack bows to him, acknowledging him as Alpha.

When the power struggle is over, Hayley goes back to Professor Shane to inform him that the plans are complete. We learn that she is doing his bidding because he promised to give her information on her parent. What did he want from her? 12 un-sired hybrids. At the same time, we learn the name of the magic that Professor Shane has been working on with Bonnie – expression.

In New Orleans, Stefan and Damon learn that the only way a vampire becomes sired to their maker is if they have human feelings for them prior to turning. The only real way to break a vampire sire bond is to tell the sired vampire to move on, and to leave and never see them again. Obviously, Damon is faced with a very difficult choice when he gets back to Mystic Falls.

A lot of interesting things came out in this episode:

Professor Shane – so the 12 hybrids are meant to be a sacrifice, and he means to use Bonnie to channel them toward some purpose. He hasn’t come out and said it yet, but based on his conversation with Hayley, it sounds like he’s going to be trying some resurrection spells. Very creepy and huge potential for disaster, both for Bonnie and for Hayley when Tyler finds out she’s been lying to him this entire time about her motivation.

Stefan and Damon – we got another glimpse into their past this week, which is always great. Back in 1942, Lexi was helping Stefan get over his Ripper ways, and we got to witness his reconciliation with Damon. I’ve always said that their relationship is my favorite thing about the show. No matter what else happens around them, I am happy as long as the depth of their bond is apparent, and it is in this episode. Well, at least it is in 1942 – modern-day, the jury is still out (though deep down I know Damon loves his brother, he just doesn’t like anyone to know it).

Damon – I said last week that I thought Damon wouldn’t take advantage of Elena, and I was right. He ultimately does try to do the right thing and release her, because he’s afraid that what she feels for him isn’t real. She manages to convince him that it is, but it was good to see him struggle with and ultimately decide to be selfless. I wish we got to see it more often!

The next episode is the mid-season finale, and it looks like Klaus is back to stir things up, so this one will surely be a doozy!


Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Mirjana

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