TV REVIEW: The Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 9 – “O Come, All Ye Faithful”

TVD_promoIt’s time for the mid-season finale. Will the Mystic Falls peeps go out with a bang?

Another season, another event happening in Mystic Falls. As usual, some serious stuff is going down under the guise of the celebration. Damon and Elena struggle with their relationship while trying to help Jeremy, and Tyler’s plan to kill Klaus goes horribly, horribly wrong…

Despite Elena insisting that she knows how she feels, Damon seems genuinely conflicted about carrying on their relationship. They are rescued from a tense moment by Bonnie, who is up at the Gilbert lake house with Jeremy. She, along with Elena and Professor Shane, are going to try to cure Jeremy of his urge to kill Elena. Not wanting to be away from Damon, Elena invite him along.

Stefan pays visit to Klaus, who is putting the finishing touches on a painting he’s donating to the Winter Wonderland auction. Stefan asks to see the sword he brought back from Italy, the one that will decipher the location of the cure. Klaus shows him, and in the midst of their bickering, he points out that he’s really the only ally Stefan has right now, as his brother is currently shacking up with his ex-girlfriend. That being said, Stefan better step up and start delivering on his side of the bargain (i.e., the Hunter’s Mark).

Up at the lake house, Jeremy tries to kill Elena right away. Professor Shane tries to implant a subconscious “detour” that he can take when he feels the urge to hurt Elena, something that makes him feel warm and fuzzy as opposed to full of rage and murderous impulse. They try to use Elena as impetus for the detour, but fail – all he wants to do is kill her. Damon suggests they use Bonnie, since, for some reason, Jeremy really likes her. While Bonnie works her magic, Professor Shane tells Damon and Elena about the legend behind the cure, and tells them he can lead them to it without the map. They will, however, need Jeremy’s mark to decipher the magic that will release the cure.

At the winter festival, Tyler reveals his plan to Caroline. The plan is to transfer Klaus’s spirit into another being and then dagger his body, making it impossible for him to resurrect. Tyler says that he plans to take Klaus into his body, arguing with Caroline when she protests. The other problem with the plan is this: if Tyler and the hybrids dagger Klaus, they’ll lose the sword and the key to the cure. They try to talk Tyler out of it, but he winds up keeping them prisoner in the caves, guarded by Tyler’s pack. They manage to escape, though, and Caroline proposes an alternative: they should transfer Klaus to Rebekah’s body. Genius, right?

Hayley doesn’t think so – she waits until Tyler leaves and then kills Caroline to keep her from advancing her plan. She and Professor Shane need this to go down as planned. Upstairs, one of the hybrids comes to get Klaus, leading him to the clearing where the un-sired hybrids await. Never one to be underestimated (or outsmarted), Klaus kills them all, and then goes on a hunt for Tyler. He finds Mayor Lockwood instead and, realizing that she is Tyler’s only family, drowns her in the fountain.

At the end of the episode, Damon finally releases Elena from her sire bond, telling her that he is going to stay at the cabin to help Jeremy, and that she needs to leave him. Meanwhile, at Casa de Salvatore, Stefan finds out from Caroline that Damon and Elena were together. Needless to say, he is not a happy camper.

This was a busy episode, setting plenty of things into motion, which will surely make for an interesting second half of the season.

Stefan and Damon – what will become of the Salvatore brothers now that Stefan knows that his brother lied to him about his relationship with Elena? The show really is at its best when these two get along, and I don’t see how that’s going to be possible, at least for the next little while. Though given Damon’s ultimate decision to be selfless, I have hope that the can once again be pals.

Klaus – he’s an interesting character, and kudos to Joseph Morgan for making it believable that he’s both the evil Original Vampire and also a lonely, vulnerable chap who just needs a hug. There were a few times in the episode where he likened himself to Stefan – he’s the only friend Stefan’s got, they both keep mementos of their victims because it reminds them that they’re ultimately alone in the end. They were friends at one point, and we know that relationship meant a lot to Klaus. Hopefully they can get back to that. You know, after Klaus finishes making Mystic Falls pay for what Tyler tried to do to him.

April Young – she witnessed Caroline’s dead body in the bathroom and her subsequent resurrection. When Caroline’s attempt to compel her fails (due to the bracelet she was given a few episodes ago), she goes to hide in the tunnels, where she witnesses Klaus killing the last hybrid. I am hoping they’ll finally give her something meaningful to do in the second half of the season, now that the cat’s out of the bag.

Elena – I am really hoping they find the cure soon, because man, is she ever annoying as a vampire.

After a slow start to the season, I think the pace has really picked up a lot. While I feel that this mid-season finale didn’t have the “oh sh*t!” factor of the ones that came before, it was a solid, satisfying episode, and it’s definitely got me looking forward to January 17th.


Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Mirjana

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