TV REVIEW: The Vampire Diaries Season 4, Eps 21 and 22 – “She’s Come Undone” and “The Walking Dead”

TVD_promoBack from holiday, so a two-fer this week to catch us up before the season finale.

Can Stefan and Damon force Elena to turn her humanity switch back on? And will Bonnie really go through with Silas’s plan to drop the veil? Go behind the cut to find out.


Episode 21: She’s Come Undone

Stefan and Damon resort to drastic (and brutal) measures to force Elena’s humanity back on. Even so, she continues to resist them, pushing them further than they’re willing to go. Desperate, they turn to Katherine for help. Katherine turns on her brand of tough love, and then allows Elena to escape. After their plans backfire so spectacularly, Damon has had enough – he’s got one more trick up his sleeve, though.

After agreeing to help Silas drop the veil, Bonnie is in hiding. Silas takes to harassing Caroline to get to her – he appears to her as Klaus and then Matt, and finally threatens to kill her mother if she doesn’t help him find Bonnie. Silas poses as Caroline’s mother, but when Bonnie shows up at her house, she reveals Silas’s trickery. When he threatens her, she reiterates her promise to help him.

Rebekah is focusing on her newest pet project – Matt. While the other have been battling psychopaths (Elena and Silas included), Matt has been quietly failing out of high school. With graduation coming, things are looking grim. However, Rebekah volunteers to help him – first by compelling him some good grades, and then the old fashioned way. Matt agrees.

Damon bring Matt out to the woods, in the hopes that Elena will want to feed on him. Instead, he threatens to kill Matt if she doesn’t turn her emotions on. She calls his bluff, and Damon breaks Matt’s neck, killing him. Elena is devastated, and when Damon reveals that Matt is wearing Alaric’s resurrection ring, her relief is so great that her humanity switches back on. When Stefan and Damon calm her down, she decides she wants to channel her emotions into killing Katherine.

I am really enjoying Silas. He’s the most interesting baddie they’ve had in a while (maybe ever). There’s something really terrifying about the notion that someone can get into your head and make you see anything they want you to see. The uncertainty of it would be enough to drive anyone mad, as Caroline experienced in this episode.

With all of the crazy things these kids have to deal with, it’s easy to forget that these kids are still in high school. Matt’s storyline in this episode reminds us of that fact, and feels a little random when placed in the middle of Elena’s fight for humanity and Silas’s schemes. But even in the middle of his own mundane drama, Matt agrees to let Damon kill him in the hopes that it will bring Elena back. It’s a typical Matt move – always helping his friends, regardless of the cost to him.

Stefan and Elena have a nice moment after her humanity is turned back on, where he helps her calm down. Who better to help her than someone who’s been through it before? Her focus on killing Katherine is unsurprising, given everything Katherine’s done. And Elena isn’t one to sit idle. It’ll be interesting to see the two of them face off.

Episode 21 Rating: 3.5/5


Episode 22: The Walking Dead

Elena is hell bent on killing Katherine, making everyone uncomfortable. Both Stefan and Caroline try to distract her, but it doesn’t work.

Meanwhile, Bonnie reveals to Katherine that she has a side plan – she doesn’t need a full moon to complete the spell to bring down the veil. She is planning on bringing it down before the full moon to contact her ancestor witch, who put Silas out of commission the first time. Katherine wants no part of it, but she has the tombstone Bonnie needs, and quickly realizes that Bonnie has linked them together, so she cannot escape. Bonnie performs the spell, freeing the way for the dead to return to Mystic Falls.

Elena hunts Katherine down, but Stefan stops her from killing her, revealing that Katherine and Bonnie are linked – if Elena kills her, Bonnie will die too. Upset, Elena goes to Jeremy’s grave, where she is confronted by Kol (back from the dead) and he nearly kills her. She is saved by Jeremy, of course.

While all of this is going on, Bonnie realizes that Silas has known her plan the entire time. He tries to kill her, but her grandmother returns and lends her the strength she needs to stop him, turning him back into his stone form so he can no longer mess with anyone’s head. The gang decide to drop him in the middle of the ocean and be rid of him once and for all.

Bonnie argues with Grams about putting the veil back up – Bonnie wants to keep Jeremy on this side, and uses her expression to try it. After  losing consciousness while doing the spell, Bonnie wakes to find her Grams with her again. Grams apologizes, telling her that the spell was too much for her, and Bonnie realizes that she is dead.

Back in Mystic Falls, things appear to be returning to normal when Rebekah and Matt discover that all the other dead Hunters have come back, and they are trapped.

This was such a great episode – I have been waiting nearly the entire season for this show to come back to form, and it happened here. This episode felt very much like a season finale, so I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next week.

There have been points this season where I have questioned this whole dropping of the veil thing, but it was really great to see some familiar faces come back, even if it’s only temporary. I loved seeing Alaric, of course – he’s been sorely missed by everyone, especially Damon. It was good to see Jeremy as well, and I am glad Elena will get her closure with him. Maybe it will help her down the road toward healing.

I’ll admit, I was surprised by Bonnie’s death at the end. She’s never been my favorite character, but it’s been enjoyable watching her battle with herself this season. I can’t imagine that she’s gone for good – thankfully, only a week until we find out!


Episode 22 Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Mirjana

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  1. Interesting… I have always thought this vampire diaries is a waste of time but reading about ti now my opinion has change, i’ll try and see it.

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