TV REVIEW: The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 4 – Cherokee Rose

Carl is on the mend, but there is still no sign of Sophia. The survivors hold a funeral for Otis, and Shane is reluctant to speak, but gives a stirring recollection of Otis’s final moments. Glenn and Maggie go into ‘town’ for supplies, Hershel wants as few people on his farm as possible, and Lori makes a startling discovery.

There is a real feeling of loneliness in this week’s episode of The Walking Dead, it is as though the survivors – now they have a safe place to stay again – are beginning to really take stock of what has happened to the world. Daryl, while out looking for Sophia, finds a Cherokee Rose which he gives to Carol. This may be little comfort for the fact that her daughter is still missing, but there is more to it than that. We never really saw what happened to Daryl’s brother Merle after he was left on a rooftop last season, so it is not too much of a stretch to think that Daryl is hoping that both his brother and Sophia are alive somewhere. Both of these people are feeling alone at the moment, and it is sweet that they found a little comfort in each other’s pain.

Elsewhere, Maggie and Glenn head into a very empty town and while there, they discover that they are both lonely and take physical comfort in each other. It is incredibly impractical to have sex somewhere as exposed as a trashed pharmacy during a zombie apocalypse, but the two manage to escape unscathed. Again, these are two people that are seeking comfort in one another.

Shane has changed since he killed Otis. He is more withdrawn than he ever was before and, while he feels that he made the right decision at the time, this is not to say that he is not wracked with guilt over killing another human. This is sure to come back and bite (sorry) Shane sooner, rather than later. Of course he feels alone, as he has ruined his relationship with his best friend, and lost the woman he was in a relationship with. Lori is probably feeling similarly; while she has Rick back, she takes a pregnancy test at the end of the episode and it is positive. How can she tell her husband that she is pregnant and it may not be his? And who can she confide in? It seems that Shane would be the likely choice, as they already have a shared secret, but this is sure to send him over the edge.

Elsewhere, Rick asks Hershal that he and his friends stay at the farm a little longer. Hershal was understandably reluctant to allow this, as more people is bound to lead to more trouble, but for the moment he has given in. As well as this, the group find a waterlogged walker at the bottom of a well, and decide to remove him before he contaminates the drinking water. During the course of the extraction, the Walker is torn in two, rendering the well entirely useless. This is possibly the most graphic Walker ‘death’ that we have seen this season. The Walker makeup and SFX were incredibly well done, and seeing him explode in a shower of blood and guts was both horrifying, mesmerising and incredible to behold. Well done, The Walking Dead!

While this is a great episode of The Walking Dead that focuses on a specific theme, it feels as though the whole Sophia missing storyline has been going on too long. It was a useful device because it brought the main characters to the farmhouse, and the introduction of new characters has already changed the group dynamic, but it is time that this one was wrapped up. A small complaint in a strong episode filled with human quandary and relationships, but a niggle nonetheless. After four fairly slow episodes, it feels that the time is right for The Walking Dead to pick up speed once again.

GS Reviewer: Brogen

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