TV REVIEW: The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 6 – Secrets

Glenn has become secret keeper for both Lori and Maggie, and struggles with this burden. The survivors learn to shoot; Andrea comes out of her shell, and Lori struggles with the prospect of bringing a child into a desolate world.

Some viewers have complained that this season of The Walking Dead is moving at a snail’s pace and the missing Sophia storyline has been dragged out to the point of boredom. This, in fact, is where this season of The Walking Dead. Season one established the world order for the show; a country gone to hell where everyone is a survivor. Instead of the massive set pieces – such as Rick’s escapade in the tank in Atlanta – this season is about the human element. How does on survive once the immediate danger has passed? How does one go on living in a world so far removed from the one they knew?

This is the dilemma posed to Lori this week. She knows she is pregnant and asks Glenn to find her some Morning After pills. While terminating the pregnancy goes against Lori’s morals, she cannot conceive of brining a child into such a cruel world, where every moment could be their last. Thus far, Lori has been dealing with her dilemma on her own, and although Glenn begs her to involve Rick in her decision, it is not until Dale confronts her – Glenn didn’t harbour her secret for long – that she makes a decision, then quickly changes her mind. Eventually, she tells Rick everything, including her affair with Shane. Rick’s reaction is not typical, but this is not a typical world.

Meanwhile, Glenn and Maggie grow closer via a zombie attack at the pharmacy and Dale, once again, calls someone out on their secret; this time, it’s Hershel. The farm group have been labouring under the false impression that the walkers are merely ‘sick’ and those kept in the barn are the ones they loved; they hide them away in the hope of finding a cure. Dale also gets involved with Shane; implying that he knows Shane killed Otis and that he knows ‘what kind of man’ Shane is. Glenn may be the one keeping secrets (badly), but Dale is the one bringing them into the open.

Andrea and Shane get closer during this episode. He teaches her to shoot, but then goads her too far. To calm down, he suggests they go for a drive to look for Sophia. Of course, it is not long before Walkers surround them. Andrea finally learns why Shane was trying to shake her confidence, and becomes a newfound asset as a markswoman in times of panic… And she and Shane get a lot closer on the drive home.

Finally, the secrets that threatened to overwhelm the group are beginning to be revealed, but although they are shared, they are not resolved and more secrets arise to take their place. Once again, this episode of The Walking Dead is about human relationships in times of crisis, Sophia has not been found and the threat of eviction from the farm is looming once more. This is a season that is moving about as fast as a Walker, but there is no doubt that it is as gripping as the first, albeit in a different way.

GS Reviewer: Brogen

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