TV REVIEW: Torchwood: Miracle Day Episode 10 – The Blood Line

In the series finale, the Torchwood team is caught in a race against time as they try and figure out exactly what the “Blessing” is and how to reverse the miracle…Caution: Contains Spoilers.

The Blessing turns out to be a fissure/rock formation that runs through the center of the earth, stretching from Shanghai to Buenos Aires.  Based on Jack’s earlier theory, we can assume that the Blessing emits a morphic field that affects everyone across the planet.  The Families created the Miracle by introducing Jack’s immortal blood into the Blessing, changing the properties of the morphic field and making everyone on earth immortal.

Why did they do this?  The desire for world domination, of course.  As the series progressed, we saw the impact the miracle was having on the world – economic depression, classifying categories of life, the power of death, etc.  The Families planned to take over the entire world; by gaining the ability to decide who lived and who died, they would be able to make the world “tidier” and “more fit.”

The Blessing itself didn’t seem entirely on board with this plan, as it was calling out to Jack’s blood – the only mortal blood left on the planet.  The team uses his blood to track the Blessing’s location at both ends of the earth.  After an explosion in Buenos Aires leaves Jack and Gwen thinking that Rex and Esther are dead, they keep going and confront the Families at the Shanghai site.  When Jack threatens to reintroduce his mortal blood, they discovered that the blood has to be introduced simultaneously in both cities for the change to take effect.

Re-enter Rex and Esther, who reveal that they took their supply of Jack’s blood (drawn by Esther while they were hiding in Scotland) and transfused it into Rex.  With Jack’s immortal blood now at both ends of the earth, the team is perfectly poised to end the miracle.  But at what cost?

Once the mortal blood is reintroduced, all category ones will die – including Gwen’s father and now Esther, who is shot in an attempt to keep Rex from going through with the plan.  They do go through with it, however, and we find out that Jack is once again immortal, reviving after the Blessing drains him of his blood.

In probably the most interesting plot twist to date, we find out that Jack’s blood has made Rex immortal.  He finds out at Esther’s funeral that Charlotte was the CIA mole, and she shoots him when he confronts her.  He revives shortly thereafter – the same cannot be said for Charlotte, who is gunned down in a most satisfactory manner.

In a final twist, Jilly is given the opportunity to come back and work for the families, to help them implement “Plan B.”

Overall, I liked the series, though it definitely had its low points.  It was a story that could’ve been told better in half the time, much like Children of Earth.  Instead, it started and ended strong, but had a lot of sub-par filler in the middle.

I am a bit disappointed in the miracle itself.  I was hoping for something more…Torchwood-like, something more interesting.  To find out that it was driven by greed and the need to rule the world was a let down.  The concept itself is an interesting one, but its execution was drawn out for far too long.

I was sorry to see Esther go, I felt that she was really starting to come into her own towards the end of the series.  It was nice to watch her grow and change over the ten episodes, yet still retain the parts of her that made her relatable.  Rex also won me over in the end with his drive to solve the miracle and his banter with Jack.

While I always enjoy Bill Pullman, I am not entirely sure what purpose Oswald served in the end.  Perhaps he was just meant to be the scapegoat for our ire, since the Families were too nebulous to hate as the “bad guys” for most of the series.

There hasn’t been any word yet on Torchwood’s future, but let’s face it – even after a somewhat disappointing showing, I would definitely come back for more.


Episode Rating: 4/5
GS Reporter: Mirjana

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