TV REVIEW: Torchwood: Miracle Day Episode 6 – The Middle Men

After the horrifying discoveries made last week, Rex and Esther have to figure out a way to escape the overflow camp, while Gwen struggles to find a way to keep her father from meeting the same fate as Dr. Juarez…Caution: Contains Spoilers.

Now that they know Phicorp’s terrible secret, Torchwood must figure out a way to save themselves before they can hope to do anything about it. Esther is starting to suspect that something is amiss when she can’t get in touch with Vera, and Rex is caught trying to sneak out with his evidence.  Meanwhile, Gwen is still in Wales trying to figure out how to save her father from the fate of all Category Ones: incineration.

In the prior three series, I was never much of a Gwen fan.  But she’s really starting to stand out for me in this “new” Torchwood.  I don’t necessarily think that her character has changed much, but I enjoy watching her dedication to her family take precedence over everything else.  She’s still involved in the fight against Phicorp, to be sure, but it’s motivated just as much by wanting to protect her family as it is by her loyalty and love for Torchwood.  Next week’s episode will be pivotal, as she will be forced to decide between saving her family and Jack.

I am also really starting to enjoy Esther.  Yes, she spends a lot of time crying and feeling too much.  But she is tenacious; she doesn’t give up when she knows something’s not right.  She doesn’t stop trying to figure out why Vera’s disappeared, and she almost gets killed for it.  Instead, she’s the one who takes out Colin Maloney – played very convincingly by Marc Vann – with her bare hands.  Then, in typical Esther fashion, she feels awful about it, but pulls herself together to get the job done.

I think it this was a breakthrough episode for Rex; he finally broke away from the CIA and admitted that he was Torchwood, and after watching Vera die, he is finally completely on board.  Even so, he disappointed me a bit in this episode.  I didn’t understand why he would be so quick to trust Colin when the man was obviously not in any hurry to help him.  Granted, he’s not privy to the same information we are, and maybe we’re going to start seeing a different side of Rex.  The next few episodes should be interesting for him.

Ernie Hudson makes an appearance as Stuart Owens, a Phicorp executive who is starting to question everything that’s going on, but is coming up against dead ends.  I really, really hope that we get to see a lot more of him, because, well, I love Ernie Hudson.  And I think that having a “good guy” on the inside will make things a lot more interesting.

No Oswald Danes or Jilly Kitzinger this week, but that can only mean they’ll be back in full force next week.  Only four episodes to go in the season, so I am looking for things to really start heating up in the weeks to come!

Rating: 3/5
GS Reporter: Mirjana

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