TV REVIEW: True Blood Season 5, Episode 1 – Turn! Turn! Turn!

Sookie and Lafayette grieve their losses and make some tough decisions, Terry’s secrets begin to come out and Bill and Eric get themselves into a lot of trouble.

When last we saw the residents of Bon Temps, Louisiana, Eric and Bill had just dispensed with Nan Flanagan, Tara had just keen killed by Debbie Pelt who, in turn, was killed by Sookie and Lafayette had killed his boyfriend Jesus while under the influence of Marnie. As well as all of this, The Jason, Hoyt, Jessica triangle had been solved but everyone got hurt in the process, Terry’s old army buddy Patrick (Scott Foley) had come to town and Russell Edgington had escaped his concretey grave. All caught up? Great!

Although Bill and Eric are warned that there is a price on their heads for the murder of Nan Flanagan, they stick around to clean up, which mean that they are caught before they can flee. After some quick thinking involving an umbrella and a petrol tank, the two are free and one of the Authority agents turns out to be Eric’s sister. Not his real sister though, as that would be incredibly inappropriate considering their greeting and the amount of sex they end up having. Of course, it is not long before the Authority catches up with them. Ah Eric, he always manages to surprise us. As well as this, the bromance between Eric and Bill is actually rather endearing, and it is great not to see them bickering over Sookie for once.

Speaking of Sookie, she is stuck in her kitchen with two dead bodies until Pam turns up looking for Eric and agrees to turn Tara into a vampire. It appeared pretty clear that Tara was dead, but maybe there is a spark somewhere that can be saved? Anyway, Pam dons a tracksuit, and gets into the ground with Tara, just before Alcide arrives to tell Sookie that Russell Edgington is still ‘alive’ and is going to be looking for her. Not a lot for Sookie to do this week, other than lie and bury dead things, but we have seen her do this before, the real revelation is the fact that she wanted to kill Debbie and does not believe that she did it in self defence, this is a good turn around for Sookie who was left looking weak for much of season 4. As for Tara being turned, we don’t think she is going to be very happy about being a vampire – if she actually does become one – as she was horrifically beaten by a vampire in the past. A self hating vampire should be fun to watch though.

Jason is hit on by the newly vampiric Reverend Newlin – who was turned by Pam – but is saved by Jessica. This leads to him thinking that they are back together, but when he turns up at the house hoping to spend some time with her, she is in the middle of a party with some college students and makes it pretty clear that Jason is no longer the one she wants, so he leaves with a sorority girl. Aww Jason and Jessica are a sweet couple, they are very obviously just trying to make one another jealous, so it will be interesting to watch how this one plays out for them.

As well as this, Sam takes the blame for killing Marcus – the werewolf packmaster – until Alcide turns up and saves him. This is not going to end well for anyone, but it seems pretty clear that Sam may just walk away from this one yet. Patrick – Terry’s army buddy – is curious about the fire that destroyed his and Arlene’s home and makes a very thinly veiled reference to something that happened while they were in the army together. It seems that Terry is going to spend the season getting to the bottom of the mystery, and the audience is going to learn more about the strangely endearing, strangely secretive veteran…

In all, this episode was standard fare for True Blood; storylines were established that will take up most of the season, and old enemies came back from the dead. There were some great lines from Eric and Pam, and Lafayette’s grief over Jesus was a little bit heartbreaking. Last season of True Blood was a little messy and it seemed as though the show had lost it’s once sure footing; here’s hoping that this season turns the show away from the soap opera it was in danger of becoming and returns to its strong beginnings.

Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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  1. philhobden /

    This was okay. Not the best. Not the worst. Some very odd story lines (WTF – the rev is gay? Jessica suddenly has become a party animal?). I was a little disappointed **spoiler** that Tara came back. But mostly good fun.

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