TV REVIEW: True Blood, Season 5 Episode 10 – “Gone, Gone, Gone”

Things are all changing in Bon Temps; Hoyt decides he has had enough and he wants to move to Alaska, Sookie discovers the real thing that her Gran’s ghost wanted her to find, and Russell Edgington finally begins to chomp at the bit.

Poor old Hoyt has not had a good time lately, so it is no surprise that he wants to go as far away from Bon Temps as he can – while still remaining in America. Before he goes, he asks Jessica to glamour him so he forgets about her and Jason. This leads to a rather sad scene in which Hoyt forgets his friend and first love, but they are left behind to grieve his loss.

The world is going slightly mad with the loss of the Tru Blood factories; Pam and Tara are ordered to create more vampires by their new Sherrif, but they quickly come up with a plan to rid themselves of him. Meanwhile, the vampires feed Lillith’s blood to Eric in order for him to join their cause. No sooner is he converted then Russell Edgington suggests synthesising faery blood so the vamps can walk in the sun, and storms out when his plan is rejected. This is not going to end well for anyone, and it is a real shame to see Eric won over so quickly (apparently), even if it is clear that his reason for objecting to the faery blood is to protect Sookie.

Speaking of Sookie, after she dispatches a murderous vampire in a great opening sequence, she spends most of the episode trying to decipher a scroll that Jason found under the bed, but what she finds out is not something that is going to make her happy; a contract was made by a family member in her past that effectively means that she belongs to the vampire that killed her parents. It is pretty clear that Bill and Eric are going to turn up to save her – their story lines have been far removed from Sookie this season – but the question remains as to what the cost of this action will be.

Sam and Luna are still looking for Emma, but not getting very far, until they sneak into the vampire headquarters. This is probably going to reunite them with the child, but they have effectively walked into the eye of a storm.

In all, this was a slow burning, but fun episode of True Blood. Now that the smaller stories are wrapped up, there is room for the central stories to stretch their wings somewhat. There are very few episodes remaining in the season, but how the Lillith story is going to wrap up, and who the vampire Sookie belongs to are still mysteries, and these are enough to keep us glued to the show, rooting for common sense – something that seems to be severely lacking in Bon Temps – to prevail.

Rating: 3/5
GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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