TV REVIEW: True Blood, Season 5 Episode 11 – “Sunset”

Sookie hides out with the faeries after learning that she was promised to a vampire 300 years ago, Lillith appears to Bill, telling him that he is her chosen one and the rest of the vampires struggle against the Authority.

Sookie seeks advice from an elder faery, but does not get very far as the faery is more concerned with the work of Kesha and the fact that Russell Edgington is still alive. After Jessica saves Jason from the Authority, Russell glamours him and Jason brings the vampire to the faery hideout. This seems to have been part of a plan, but it all goes horribly wrong, leaving the faery community exposed and vulnerable, and Sookie no closer to solving the problem of Warlow. Poor old Sookie can’t catch a break at the moment, and even though her storyline is sidelined this week, she still manages to get herself in trouble. There is no doubt that this story will resolve itself, but how many faeries and vamps will die in the process?

All is not well at the Authority; Bill has become a full blown fanatic; Lillith appears to him and tells him he is her chosen one, but before he can drink her blood as instructed, he finds out that he is not the only chosen one, and murders one of his fellow Chancellors in a fit of rage. It also seems his love of Sookie has diminished as he has no qualms about sending Jessica out to convert Jason. Eric and Nora are finally on the same page; the vision of Godric has brought Nora back to her senses. It seemed to cruel for Eric to have fallen to the other side- he has always been a voice of reason in True Blood, twisted reason, sure, but reason – so it is great to see him fighting the good fight again. This is another storyline that is going to wrap up with a lot of blood – some of which has already been spilled – but it is definitely going to be fun to watch.

In the fallout from the killing of the new Sheriff, Pam takes the heat for Tara, which leads her right into the heart of the Authority, which is sure to help Eric’s cause. As well as this, Sam and Luna find Emma, but get captured and Alcide finds himself drawn into the fight when he is attacked by newborn vampires.

True Blood is thundering to a close. This week focussed on the Authority and the issues they are facing, which is still the storyline that needs the most work. Characters went through a number of changes, and as predicted, the storylines are drawing together, which going to lead to a fantastic conclusion. It has been a slow season of True Blood, but now that we are reaching the end, the show is finally stretching its legs and ramping up the action.

Rating: 3/5
GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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