TV REVIEW: True Blood Season 5, Episode 12 – “Save Yourself”

Sookie is finally drawn into the fight at the Authority, Andy must deal with the fallout of his affair with a faerie, and Alcide finally fights for what is his.

We have finally reached the end of True Blood season five.  When last we saw the gang in Bon Temps, Russell Edgington was advancing on the faery stronghold. Thankfully, Eric is on hand to save the day and Russell finally meets the true death, but Jason is left with visions of his dead parents, who strongly disagree with the way Sookie is living her life.

Maurella gives birth right in Merlotte’s and leaves Andy and Holly to deal with her four newborn daughters. Holly is not best pleased, and who can blame her? Andy has a history of messing up, but we can only hope that next season he will finally step up to the plate and become a responsible adult. After all, he is not on his own any more.

Alcide finally takes on the packmaster, wins and takes his place at the head of the pack. He does not have an easy time ahead of him, since all of his wolves are addicted to V, but Alcide is a character that was born to lead, so this new role suits him.

Bill dispatches Salome in his attempt to become one with Lillith and Eric returns to Fangtasia to find Pam gone. He rounds up Tara, Nora, Sookie and the newly supernatural Jason to take on the might of Lillith’s followers. After a short but bloody battle, Sookie and Eric come face to face with Bill, who cannot be dissuaded from his plan to ingest Lillith’s blood.

All season long, we have been hoping that the finale would wrap up a lot of the story lines introduced along the way. While a lot of the smaller stories have been resolved, this episode actually introduces new plotlines instead of wrapping up the old ones. We are left to wonder what will happen with the vampire that Sookie belongs to, where Steve Newlin ran off to, and whether Sookie will actually get rid of her powers. It is true that the last episode of True Blood always leads into the next season, but other than Bill rising a more powerful vampire than before, there is far too much going on for this to feel like a satisfactory finale. This is a shame, as the show has got stronger as the season has gone on, but this finale leaves us with so many unanswered questions that it doesn’t feel like an end at all.

With all that is left open in True Blood, season six is bound to be great, but as it stands, this is a weak finale to a mediocre season of the show.


Rating: 2/5
GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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