TV REVIEW: True Blood Season 5, Episode 2 – Authority Always Wins

Bill and Eric face the consequences of their actions last season; rocket launchers and public killing of humans is something that the Authority frowns on. Sookie and Lafayette try to deal with the feral vampire Tara and we learn a little more about Pam’s relationship with her maker.

Bill and Eric find themselves imprisoned at the Authority and tortured with sunlight and silver IVs. Even though they are both told that the other has betrayed them, neither one of them actually gives the other up. We finally get to see Christopher Meloni in action as Roman, the head of the Authority, and while he only appears towards the end of the episode, he completely dominates everything that happens within the building. There are discussions of vampire origins, the myth of Lilith as the first vampire and the vampire bible, and just as the audience is beginning to wonder how Bill and Eric are going to worm their way out of this one, they offer to exchange their lives for that of Russell Edgington. In case anyone forgot, Edgington is the former King of Louisiana and he wants nothing more than chaos between humans and vampires. Offering him up is a very clever move on Bill and Eric’s part, but it is not going to be an easy task.

It was great to see some contrast between the styles of the rooms at the Authority, and it is always fun to see Eric made to bow down to an authority higher than his own. That said, it seems as though this whole storyline so far has been a set up for Bill and Eric; Rogue Vampire Hunters, and it is about time that the action got going.

Sookie and Lafayette are left to contend with a wild and angry Tara after Pam leaves them to it. Tara is far from the character we know her to be; instead of being smart mouthed and noisy, she is happy to destroy Sookie’s house and say very little. Lafayette suffers from some buyers remorse and tries to stake Tara, but it is not long before Sookie talks him out of it. When Tara finally does speak, she tells them both that she will never forgive them and disappears into the night. So she has the whole of her senses – even though half her head was shot off – but Tara is not a happy little vampire. This is not really a shock, and it seems that Sookie is going to spend a large part of this season making amends to her best friend.

Elsewhere, Sam and Luna argue over their future before Emma turns into the cutest little werewolf we have ever seen, Arlene has enough of Terry’s sleepwalking and goes to talk to Patrick, Jason tries to make amends with Hoyt again, and fails again. Newlin talks about his new beliefs that vampires are part of gods plan – this fits in with the ideas that were being bandied around at the Authority, does this mean that there is a powerful future in store for Newlin? We also get to see the beginning of Pam’s relationship with Eric, and learn a little more of her life before she was a vampire.

In all, another episode of True Blood setting things up, but not a lot actually happening. Some of the storylines are moving forward incredibly slowly, and others are being given oceans of time to establish themselves. It was great to see a gentler, more vulnerable side to Pam – and Alexander Skarsgard looks darn good in a top hat – but this new background story seems surplus to requirements. The show has now had two episodes to make sure that the stories are set for the season, and it is time it got on with them, rather than leaving the audience begging for a little action.

Reporter: Brogen Hayes

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