TV REVIEW: True Blood Season 5 Episode 4 – We’ll Meet Again

Pam struggles with being a maker and the issues between her and Eric, Sookie hears some home truths and Jason gets his first taste of Faerie.

Pam has a busy episode this week. First she has to contend with the suicidal Tara who she commands never to kill herself, then she and Eric realise that the only way they can continue their relationship is for Eric to free her from his thrall. This really is not something that either of them wants, but like mature vampires, they do what must be done. Poor old Pam, she is not having a great run of it lately, but her relationships with tara and Eric are bound to get more interesting now.

Back in Bon Temps, Lafayette tells Sookie that she is the Angel of Death – something that we have all been thinking for some time now – but she does not take the news well. Sookie gets absolutely hammered and, when Alceide turns up to tell her that he has covered for her killing Debbie, she promptly seduces him. Oh Sookie, it seems you will never learn.

Jason takes a trip into a Faerie nightclub and meets his cousin Hadley who tells him that any descendants of Faerie are hiding out from the vampires. She also accidentally tells him that his and Sookie’s parents were not killed by accident. Andy runs into the faerie who seduced him last season and she still seems to dig him. Which is… interesting… The revelation about Jason’s parents are a little shocking, but what is going to be more interesting is how Sookie reacts to this news. Tara and Lafayette both say in this episode that they consider Sookie to be untouchable, but the idea that her parents were murdered is going to change that.

While Bill and Eric are on the tail of Russell Edgington without much luck, the Authority finds that some of their number are traitors to their cause and quickly dispatch of them. As well as all of this, Terry is on the road to solving his own mystery and we learn a little more about his time on the front lines in Iraq.

True Blood seems to be taking its time to get going this season. The news that the show has been renewed for a sixth season may delight some viewers, but if the show is going to remain interesting it has to pick up the pace. At the moment, the show is all sitting around and talking, and we know that True Blood can do better than that. Some of the storylines are beginning to get interesting now, but after 4 episodes it feels that we should be further along than we are now and that the show is suffering from the same pacing issues that plagued it last season. We shall see how it pans out, but right now, True Blood needs to step it up.

Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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