TV REVIEW: True Blood Season 5 Episode 5 – Let’s Boot and Rally

Eric and Bill discover that their hunt for Russell Edgington is being closely timed, Jessica and Tara get a little closer and Jason tries to deal with the information that vampires killed his and Sookie’s parents.

So far, season 5 of True Blood has been a slow burner, but this week’s episode ramped everything up and – as is wont to happen on True Blood – the storylines begin to crash into one another.

First of all, Lafayette realises that his evil blue alter ego is the one responsible for almost killing Sookie, and he calls on his dead boyfriend Jesus for help. He gets an answer, but perhaps not the one that he was looking for. The interesting thing about Lafayette’s story this week is that we learned that his mother may not be mad after all, but actually finely tuned into the spirit world. That opens up a whole new arena for Lafayette, and if he does get some much-needed help from his mother, it will not be a moment too soon. Jason is struggling with the idea that vampires killed his parents, and although he dreams about this for most of the episode, he doesn’t actually run to tell his sister, which is probably a good job.

Speaking of Sookie, last week we saw her about to tumble into bed with Alceide, but her two exes, Bill and Eric, turn up just as she vomits on Alceide’s shoes. Attractive. Sookie and Alceide are brought into help with the hunt for Russell Edgington, just as Bill and Eric are told that they have until dawn to bring the pesky vampire in to the Authority. The honeymoon is well and truly over for Bill and Eric; they are snapping at one another throughout the episode as paranoia sets in as to who could have turned them in to the Authority in the first place. This is a lot of fun to watch as these two hundred year old vampires can be as petty and squabbly as children. What is great about this segment of the show is that Sookie finally realises that her lifestyle is not exactly normal. She gives the two vampires plenty of cheek and seems to be growing past the helpless Sookie that we have come to know. More of this Sookie please!

Meanwhile, Jessica and Tara realise that they have a lot in common and are on the road to becoming friends and allies until Hoyt turns up and all hell breaks loose. Terry Bellefleur finds his old army buddy who believes that an Iraqi woman cursed them with a fire demon. It is about time that we saw a little more of Terry’s back story and it is great to see him on-screen without the whiny Arlene. Finally, Sam tries to warn Luna that someone is out to shoot shifters, but finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time.

This is the episode of True Blood that we have been waiting for. Every story line is ramped up a notch and the characters are beginning to interact more, rather than staying in their own bubbles. It is great that Tara has stopped trying to kill herself and the love quadrangle between Bill, Eric, Alceide and Sookie is bound to be an interesting watch. We can only hope that True Blood has not run out of steam and can keep this momentum going.

Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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