TV REVIEW: True Blood Season 5 Episode 6 – Hopeless

Bill and Eric take some drastic measures to protect Sookie, Jason and Sookie investigate the Faery world and Terry says goodbye to his family.

Last week, we saw Alcide about to be attacked as the gang discovered Russell Edgington. Well the Authority soon stepped in and took him into custody, leaving Bill and Eric to glamour Sookie for her own protection. It seems that Sookie’s mind reading powers stopped her from being glamoured though, and she soon sets Alcide straight on the events of the night. Poor old Sookie, she may be starting to get bored by her constantly adventurous life, but she really does not seem happy to be abandoned by the two men (vampires) who she loves most in the world.

Jason tells Sookie what he learned about their parents and they venture into Faery to confront their cousin Hadley. This does not go incredibly well, however, which leads Sookie to turn on her faery powers to protect herself. Wonder how long it will take before her undead boyfriends turn up to save her…

Terry decides that his family is in danger from the Ifrit unless he distances himself from them and, in a rather touching and very sad scene, he wishes Arlene farewell. Terry has not had a good life since he returned from Iraq and it seemed that Arlene was the only good thing he had going for him. It is great to see this new stronger and – heck we’ll say it – sexier Terry, but we hope that he finds his way back to Arlene before the end of the season.

Sam and Luna survive their shooting and Sam enlists Andy to help him get to the bottom of it. The two do not get very far – they are ambushed by an intolerant shop owner – but we get to see the gang who attacked Sam save Hoyt from an over enthusiastic vampire and drag him to ‘safety’. Someone in the gang knows Hoyt, so chances are that we know them, but at the moment, everything remains a mystery.

Russell Edgington was never going to go quietly, and at his execution things turn ugly when his death does not happen. Instead, Roman gets staked leaving the Authority up for grabs. It seems that Eric’s ‘sister’ had knowledge of this happening, and Salome is not quite as upset as she should have been. Could the famously vindictive vampire have turned on her lover? It certainly seems so!

In all, this was a slightly slower episode of True Blood, but after the frantic pace of last week, this is exactly what we needed. It was always clear that the hunt for Russell Edgington was not going to take the whole season, and now that it’s out of the way, we can learn more about the conspiracy within the Authority – something that is bound to be interesting. It seems that the rest of the season is going to consist of this mystery, Sookie finding out which vampire killed her parents, Lafayette coming to terms with his inner monster, Terry battling his outer monster and getting to the bottom of the shifter murders. This is more than enough to keep us going, and these are interesting storylines that are bound to cross at some point. This was a nicely paced episode of the show that revealed some valuable information.

Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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