TV REVIEW: True Blood Season 5 Episode 7 – In the Beginning

Lafayette goes in search of answers, Terry finds some and Sookie discovers that there may be a way for her to be ‘normal’.

True Blood has never really been a show to take much notice of what is believable and what is normal, but audiences may be beginning to fear that the show has finally jumped the shark.

At the end of the last episode, Russell killed the head of the Authority and, after a scuffle, it is revealed that Salome and Nora were behind helping him break free from his cementy tomb. We suspected that though. The gang drink some of Lilith’s blood and go on a ‘drunken’ rampage through New Orleans until Lilith herself appears, swiftly followed by Godric’s ghost. Do vampires even have ghosts? We have already accepted Salome as a vampire, but it seems that the show is really reaching now that they want us to accept the wife of the Devil as the first vampire… or whatever she is. Sure, the moment leading up to her appearance are pretty fun; it’s entertaining to see Eric and Bill lose control, but how is it possible to top the wife of Satan appearing as a vampire, unless the Fallen One himself returns to claim his bride…

Meanwhile, Sookie is wrestling with the idea that, like a bottle is for wine, she is only a vessel for her Fae powers and she can expend them with the hope of becoming normal. That will certainly make a difference to the show, but seeing as Sookie and her freaky blood are the centre of the show it seems unlikely to happen.

Lafayette goes to Jesus’s family looking for answers, but finds himself tied up with his lips sewn shut. Yes fate intervened and saved him, but we get the impression that this is another slow burner. The smoke monster Ifrit appeared and found Patrick and Terry incredibly amusing, but that was as far as their story developed this week, and Sam sniffs around – literally – trying to find the men that targeted him and Luna. Meanwhile, Hoyt is taken into the fold of the assassins and his anger towards Jessica finally – Finally! – comes out, and Tara is disowned by her mother, but finds comfort with Pam.

So you see, there was a heck of a lot of silliness this week in True Blood, but it seems that the show is gearing up for another war; this time between vampires and humans, humans and werewolves and faeries and everyone. Yes, there is sure to be an epic battle at the end of the season, but with all the shark jumping going on – when did Sam become an actual bloodhound? – it remains to be seen whether the audience will care when the time comes. This was a good, but daft, episode of the show, that may have stretched audience patience a little too far.

Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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