TV REVIEW: True Blood, Season 5 Episode 9 – Everybody Wants To Rule The World

The vampires loyal to Lillith begin to carry out their plan of destroying Tru-Blood factories, which leads to some problems for Tara and Pam. Meanwhile, Eric tries to escape from the vampires he believes to be mistaken and Sookie is taken hostage by the gang that is targeting supernatural beings.

The storylines in this season of True Blood are finally beginning to pull together nicely. For most of the season, the show felt as though it was rambling and desperately trying to find it’s footing. This episode is a particularly strong one, and reminds us of how good the show can be when everything is pulled together.

First up, Tru-Blood factories around the world are burning, so the vampires can give up the façade of ‘mainstreaming’. Inside the vampire enclave, Eric knows this to be wrong, and sets about trying to escape. Once he has the techie vamp on his side, he turns to Bill but their plan does not go without a hitch. All season long, Eric and Bill have been engaging in a fairly cute bromance, but it was never going to last; not only are both their egos too big to resist clashing with one another, but it is fairly clear that both are still in love with Sookie. It turns out that Bill is the more easily swayed of the duo – maybe because his maker was not the serene model of vampire propriety that Godric was – and he betrays Eric for the sake of his belief in Lillith. Poor old Eric, but all is not lost, and watching Eric fighting off hordes of enemies is always fun to watch, so we have a treat in store.

Pam and Tara know that when the Tru-Blood runs out that there will be a blood bath, and Pam’s solution to the problem is typically dry and unintentionally hilarious; “we keep our heads down, our tits up and the Tru Blood flowing…” The trouble is that the Authority elects a new Sheriff to replace Eric and ‘Vampire Barbie’ and Tara face their blood bath sooner than they expected.

Meanwhile, Lafayette channels Sookie’s dead grandmother who says the answers that Sookie seeks are in a box under her bed. This leads Sookie closer to the truth than she would have liked, and she ends up being taken prisoner by former Sheriff Bud Dearborn – the leader of the anti-Supes gang – and his girlfriend Sweetie. Sam and Luna literally play fly on the wall and solve the mystery sooner than the police. Even though Sookie is not hanging out with vampires, her faery powers are still getting her into trouble, thankfully Sam disguises himself as a pig and saves her – and Hoyt – before it is too late. This was a nice twist for True Blood, and one that was played out at a record pace; no sooner have we discovered that Bud knows more than he is letting on, we discover all about his beef with the Supes and his rather intense relationship with Sweetie. A great and speedy way for True Blood to eliminate one of the smaller storylines.

Terry and Patrick’s fight to the death also comes to a swift end, with Patrick taking Arlene hostage. Even though Patrick seemed to have the upper hand, there was only one outcome that the show w as going to allow, but Terry’s decision was not an easy one to make.

In all, this was a great, tightly paced episode of True Blood. After a slow start to the season, the smaller storylines are beginning to be wrapped up, which leaves the stronger, central storylines space to head towards a grand and – if this episode is anything to go by – thrilling finale.

Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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