TV REVIEW: The Vampire Diaries Episode 5.11 – “500 Years of Solitude”

The 100th episode of The Vampire Diaries kicked off in fitting style, with a drinking game dedicated to the exploits of Katherine Pierce.

In case you forgot what happened in the mid-season finale, Damon left Elena reeling with a surprise break up, and Katherine’s frail human body finally got the best of her – the show ended after she suffered a heart attack.

Fast forward a bit, and the gang is having themselves a retrospective on Katherine’s life – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Well, it’s mostly bad and ugly. Nadia makes a fuss trying to get Katherine to take over her body, but Katherine refuses, saying that she wants to let Nadia live her life free of her mother. If you think that sounds totally out of character for Katherine, you’re absolutely right.

Stefan and Damon take turns babysitting Katherine on her death-bed. Damon takes out his centuries of frustration on her, playing with her memories and tormenting her. Turnabout is fair play, I suppose. Stefan, unsurprisingly, takes a nicer route. When it’s Elena’s turn, she forgives Katherine for all she’s done. Katherine is so grateful she tricks Elena and transfers herself into Elena’s body. So now we’ve got 2 doppelgängers in one body.

Katherine’s death isn’t the only thing going on during the episode – the Originals all make an appearance, some more real than others. Vicky and Alaric both make an appearance, so if you’ve been watching since this beginning, this is sure to tug on your heartstrings.

This being the 100th episode, I would have been incredibly disappointed if the writers didn’t deliver. Sometimes I’ve loved it, sometimes I’ve hated it, but I have always come back for more. Thankfully, I didn’t have worry, as the episode was a great mix of retrospective and dramatic, with a fun twist at the end.

Love her or hate her, Katherine was the focal point of the piece. We see a bit more back story than we’ve been treated to in the past, and the impact she’s had on everyone she’s come in contact with. I’ll be honest – mostly, it ain’t pretty. But now you see that she really is a survivor, and while she’s admittedly not the nicest person in the world, she spent most of her life running from Klaus (more on him later) and doing whatever it took to survive. That really came through in this episode, and I am starting to think she might be my favorite doppelgänger of the two that are left.

While I really wish Stefan was capable of punishing Damon and Elena a bit longer, it’s nice to see him getting back to his old self. In typical Stefan fashion, he counsels both estranged lovers not to give up on each other. While I wish he was slightly less selfless, he needed to forgive Damon so they can go down the path of being brothers again, which is 100% the greatest thing about this show. When Stefan and Damon are solid, it doesn’t matter what else is going on.

While I love The Originals, it was so great seeing them back in Mystic Falls. Rebekah was reunited with Matt, Klaus with Caroline (and HOW!), and Elijah with Katherine…well, sort of. The other cameos were great as well: Vicky came back to let Matt know she’s watching over him, and Alaric…oh, Alaric. Every time he comes back, no matter how briefly, it kills me. I really wish they would figure out a way to bring him back permanently, if not for Damon’s sake, then for MINE!

Definitely the best of the season thus far, and a very worthy milestone episode.


Rating: 5/5
Reviewer: Mirjana

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