TV REVIEW: The Vampire Diaries Episode 5.18 – “Resident Evil”

Because I love Paul Wesley, I want to make a special shout out to him because “Resident Evil” is his directorial debut. Congratulations, mister!

As if the Delena situation wasn’t awkward enough, Stefan and Elena start having visions of an alternate reality where the two of them live happily ever after. Even worse, they both seem to enjoy them!

Liv, who by now has revealed herself fully as not quite a novice witch, is working out a plan with Jeremy, Tyler, and Matt to stop the Travelers from taking over Mystic Falls. The plan backfires slightly, sending Matt over to the Other Side, where there is some Serious Business going down. Matt eventually makes his way back to his body, and thankfully he remembers what happened and can relay the information to everyone.

During one of her visions, Elena sees an address. Damon and Enzo go to investigate, and there they find the source of the visions – Markos, the Travelers’ super powerful leader, who escaped from the Other Side at the end of the last episode. He takes Damon on a tour of Mystic Falls, where he ends the visions and reveals the Travelers’ plans to infiltrate Mystic Falls – starting with one of their own…

Finally, a satisfying episode! These have been few and far between lately, so I was happily surprised, especially by the twist at the end.

Don’t get me wrong – the episode was far from perfect. Markos, for example – I would think that someone powerful enough to escape from the Other Side would be a bit more…I don’t know, interesting. And while it’s creepy in a pod-person kind of way, the Travelers’ plan struck me as kind of anti-climactic. I would’ve hoped for something a little more flashy, a grand statement of sorts. But maybe there are hidden depths here. Or maybe I just missed something?

Once again proving that he is the best sport on the whole damn planet, I really liked seeing Stefan and Elena respond to the visions. I am pretty much over my Stelena phase (and really, I only held onto it so long because that was the last time the show was really good), but it was lovely to see that the bond between the two of them is strong enough to get past this awkwardness. When they sit there and say they will always be there for each other, I really believe it. And I want to see it.

All of this stuff with the Other Side has got me really intrigued. I loved seeing faces from the past – Kol! – and would love to see even MORE – another appearance by Alaric, maybe? Matt Davis was recently spotted canoodling with the cast, so I suppose anything is possible.

The twist ending was a real surprise – it looks like the Travelers have managed to infiltrate to the heart of Mystic Falls, and have ensured that this time they cannot be ousted. We’ll see how long it takes everyone to figure it out. Though, given how long it took everyone to figure out the Katherine/Elena conundrum, I won’t hold my breath.

Coming into the home stretch now – just 4 episodes left in the season!


Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Mirjana

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