TV REVIEW: Vampire Diaries Season 3, Episode 7 – Ghost World

All of Mystic Falls gathers together on the Night of Illumination, including those thought long gone.  Having gained a foothold back into the human world, the spirits are determined to make an impact – some for better, and some for worse…Caution: Contains Spoilers.

Ghost World brings about the return of more characters from seasons past – primarily Mason Lockwood and one of my personal favorites, Stefan’s best friend Lexi.

Distraught over the lack of progress with Stefan, Elena asks Jeremy to help her contact Lexi, the only person who knows how to break Stefan out of his “ripper” personality.  Jeremy is uncertain, and Alaric is flat out against the idea.  Thankfully, they wind up not needing Jeremy’s help when Bonnie stumbles upon a manifestation spell which reveals all the spirits hanging around Mystic Falls.  Lexi sets about teaching Elena how to break Stefan down.

Jasmine Guy returns as the spirit of Bonnie’s grandmother – she tells Bonnie that she upset the balance of nature when she brought Jeremy back, and that she opened the door to the spirit realm when she sent Vicki back.  The only way to send all of the spirits back is to destroy the talisman that is allowing the witch to keep the door open – Elena’s necklace.  Bonnie and Caroline go on a mission to hunt it down, but it’s missing from its hiding place in Damon’s room.  Eventually, it’s revealed that Anna took the necklace, hoping to remain in the human world long enough to find her mother.

Meanwhile, ghosts are wreaking havoc at the Night of Illuminations ceremony, killing a member of one of the founding families and vowing revenge on the others before the night is over.  Not all of the ghosts are up to no good, however.  After an apology – of sorts – from Damon, Mason Lockwood reveals that he’s returned to try and locate a weapon that will kill Klaus and free Tyler of his misguided loyalty.

Bonnie and her grandmother eventually destroy the necklace, sending all of the ghosts back to the spirit realm – bad news for Mason and Lexi, who don’t manage to accomplish their goals, but good news for Mrs. Lockwood, who’s spared an ugly death at the hands of angry ghosts.

I was so happy to see Lexi again.  She was one of my favorite side characters in the first season – I’ve never quite forgiven Damon for staking her.  She gives tough love a whole new meaning, very methodically going about Stefan’s detox.  The contrast between her and Elena is interesting – two girls that love him, but they go about it so differently.  Lexi is completely ruthless because she knows the end result she wants.  Elena falls back on Stefan’s feelings for her, which seems to make an impact. Perhaps she’s not so clueless after all.

Damon was utterly charming in this episode, and his interactions with Mason are highly entertaining.  He spends the entire episode being suspicious of Mason’s motives, convinced that the dead wolf is using the Tyler as a ruse while secretly plotting revenge on Damon for killing him.  This is how I like Damon best – snarky, a bit of a prick, but a decent chap underneath it all.  Hopefully he is here to stay.

An entertaining episode, with breakthroughs for some characters and closure for others.  It looks like Klaus and Rebekah are back in episode 8, so I am looking forward to a very chaotic episode!

Rating: 3.5/5
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