TV REVIEW: The Vampire Diaries Season 5, Episode 1 – “I Know What You Did Last Summer”

TVD_promoThree months have passed since the events of last season’s finale. So what have our Mystic Falls friends been up to since then?

All is explained in a pretty solid opening episode. Check it out after the cut!



While Damon and Elena have spent the summer making out and being completely self-centered, Stefan’s been stuck at the bottom of a lake in a box, drowning and coming back to life over and over. Bonnie is still dead, but she’s communicating with everyone through Jeremy, who is still alive (but emotionally damaged). Matt and Rebecca traveled all over Europe taking part in orgies, while Katherine struggled with her new humanity. And finally, Silas (a.k.a. not-Stefan) is back to wreak havoc on everyone.

Sounds pretty normal so far, right?

But as things tend to go in Mystic Falls, everything quickly starts going wrong. Elena and Caroline get caught up in a mystery concerning their new roommate. Silas gets right down to business, causing trouble as he pursues Katherine – they have history, remember – and messes with Damon and Jeremy in the process. He’s also got a frightening new trick up his sleeve, which he introduces in a gruesome way.

I thought this was a pretty entertaining premiere episode. They didn’t waste any time jumping right into the action, which is really what this show does best.

All summer, I’ve been looking forward to Paul Wesley as Silas. He really excels when they let him do something other than brood, and this first episode was no disappointment. But where Stefan without his humanity was still, at his very core, a good man, Silas is the exact opposite. There’s nothing good about him – he’s completely single-minded and ruthless. It’s a subtle difference but Paul Wesley pulls it off admirably. Nothing to love about Silas in his true form.

My only complaint here is that he revealed himself far too quickly. I would have rather watched him mess with everyone for at least a few more episodes. Especially Damon, who has finally gotten the clue that maybe he should’ve been more concerned with his brother’s whereabouts over the summer.

Elena is back to her usual sunny self, which isn’t all that believable given what a nuisance she was last season. This was definitely disappointing – there never seem to be any consequences when it comes to her. I am hoping that this becomes less grating as the season goes on…only time will tell!

Overall, a very satisfying and entertaining episode. Definitely has me anticipating what’s to come!


Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Mirjana

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