TV REVIEW: The Vampire Diaries Season 5, Episode 2 – “True Lies”

TVD_promoSilas continues causing drama all over Mystic Falls, proving that no one is safe from him. Everyone’s still looking for the real Stefan, but it turns out that they might not be safe from him, either.




Mystic Falls is getting a lot smaller for Katherine now that Silas has hypnotized the whole town into looking for her. On top of that, she is struggling with her fragility of her new human body. She gets (mostly unwilling) help from a couple of unlikely sources, and winds up showing that she can be a team player too – when it suits her.

While Elena and Caroline are in the midst of investigating some fishy dealings surrounding their roommate’s death, Silas show up to visit with Elena. Of course, she thinks it’s Stefan and is quite pleased to see him. For his part, Silas is happy to dish on all the things that Damon has been hiding from her. It goes about as well as you’d expect, and is aggravated by the fact that Silas has spelled Elena to kill her boyfriend. Sadly, she resists.

Bonnie is struggling with the repercussions of being dead – she’s still in contact with Jeremy, and she gets to spend some time with Matt as well after an run-in with Silas goes south. Realizing all that she’s missing out on, she appears to come to a decision about her future.

In the end, the Sheriff and her men find Stefan’s watery tomb, but quickly realize that they have a new, very serious (and very hungry) problem.

All in all, a solid follow-up episode to the premiere, but definitely lacking in the “surprise!” drama that this show is known for.

I am very glad that the writers are giving Zach Roerig something to do. Matt’s always been more of a fringe character, usually there to help out or to be a means to an end for someone else’s plans. But it looks like they are in the very early stages of setting up a solid story for him – as a holder of the magical Gilbert ring, he can’t be killed (permanently) by anything supernatural. There is a down side, though: remember, this is the same ring that drove Alaric crazy and turned him into a crazy murderer. Some of the time, anyway.

The writers took a bit of time this week explaining how the ring works, and how it gets a bit harder to reconnect with each death. No one seems to have picked up on it yet, but eventually someone’s going to realize that there’s a very real possibility that what happened to Alaric could happen to Matt. I am really looking forward to seeing that possibility explored. Plus, I just really like Matt – to me, he’s one of the strongest people in Mystic Falls. To live through everything he’s lived through, and to know everything he knows…well, it would’ve driven me crazy ages ago.

It’s nice to see Damon and Elena unite to save Stefan, even if it is a bit unsatisfying in that it doesn’t ring true. Damon’s obviously less concerned about his brother and more concerned about saving face, and Elena is almost over-doing it, as if it’s somehow making up for what she actually did to him last season. It’s not much, but it’s a start. Forget Elena anyway, I am hoping they use this season to rebuild the relationship between Stefan and Damon. The show is definitely at its best when they focus on the two of them.

Next week – the return of evil Stefan (I hope)!


Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: Mirjana

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