TV REVIEW: The Vampire Diaries Season 5, Episode 3 – “Original Sin”

TVD_promoElena’s psychic link to Stefan proves useful for something other than torturing Damon, and Silas finally reveals his true intentions for Katherine.

“Original Sin” is easily the strongest episode of the season so far, with plenty of action and lots of interesting tidbits revealed.



When Elena and Katherine both have the same ominous dream about Stefan, Damon takes them on a road trip to look for his brother. Damon eventually figures out where he is, but he finds that Stefan has been keeping company with a mysterious woman named Tessa – who is actually Qetsiyah, the witch who gave Silas his immortality. She uses Stefan to neutralize Silas’s psychic powers, and while he’s recovering gives Damon an interesting lesson on doppelgänger.

Silas is still on the hunt for Katherine, and he’s recruited Nadia the Traveler to help him. She manages to separate Katherine from Damon and Elena and intends to use her as leverage. She’s nearly foiled by Silas, but Tessa’s spell kicks in just in time. They escape, but Silas isn’t done with Katherine yet, finally revealing what it is he wants with her.

When Elena and Damon get Stefan back to the house, they’re happy when he wakes up from Tessa’s spell, only to find that it has taken a very unwelcome toll on him.

Loved this episode –  there was plenty of drama and action, and it really moved the story along.

Qetsiyah (played by Arrow alum Janina Gavankar) was a nice surprise, and will definitely add in some drama to the mix. She’s already started by getting into Damon’s head with her talk of the destiny between Elena and Stefan. I may change my opinion on her in the coming weeks, but it was nice to see him sweat a little as payment for leaving Stefan at the bottom of a lake all summer. Damon is nothing if not persistent, though, so it will definitely be interesting to see how this continues to play out.

I am very glad that Paul Wesley is getting to show his acting chops this year – first as Silas, now as memory-wiped Stefan. I can’t wait to see how his relationships will play out without the emotional baggage he’s always carrying around; his romance with Elena, his love/hate relationship with Damon. I’ve been slightly disappointed with Silas thus far – he’s definitely not as fun as Stefan with his humanity turned off – but the more we get to see of him, the better, in my opinion.

Another interesting story is playing out with Matt and Nadia. With her dead friend possessing Matt’s body, he’s once again become a pawn stuck in the middle of someone else’s game. And just when I was getting hopeful that he’d have a good season, too. You never know, I suppose – these writers are very good at surprising us, after all.

This felt like a Vampire Diaries episode from the first couple of seasons, and definitely reminded me why I started watching this show in the first place. Here’s hoping that carries forward in the episodes to come!


Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Mirjana

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