TV REVIEW: Warehouse 13 Season 3 Overview

The established Warehouse team of Arti, Pete, and Claudia are temporarily joined by new member Steve Jinx.  Myka returns to the team (after leaving at the end of season 2), but her and Pete’s friendship is strained. Myka maintains that leaving the team was her best coping mechanism for being betrayed by H.G. Wells (throughout season 2). During an interrogation which turns into a torture session, Steve challenges Mrs Frederick’s use of an artefact and is fired. As the warehouse severance package involves having your life erased by the Regents, Steve agrees to work for a known enemy  – Walter Sykes (guest star Anthony Michael Hall).

Walter is determined to kill all known Regents, but also completely destroy the Warehouse and all it contains. On discovery of Steve’s defection from the main team, Claudia’s feelings of betrayal weigh heavily as she had formed a deep sibling-like bond with Steve. Whilst investigating who is killing Regents and why, Pete discovers that his mother (guest star Kate Mulgrew) is not only a Regent, but has been appointed the keeper of the Ramati Shackle – an artefact which binds the wearer to be the protector of Warehouse 13 for their entire lifespan. During an unrelated investigation Myka tracks down the man who murdered her previous FBI partner.

Meanwhile, H.G. Wells has had her old personality archived, and a lifetime of false memories implanted in a form of Regent sanctioned witness protection. Living life as a timid English teacher named Emily Lake, H.G. Has no idea of her former life until Pete and Myka track her down in an effort to stop Sykes using her buried memories against the Warehouse. Once restored to her original self, Myka and H.G. come to terms with their complicated relationship, and ultimately H.G. shows herself to be a changed woman.

Claudia discovers that Steve is a double agent working for  the Regents against Sykes. Before Steve can unveil Sykes ultimate game-plan, Sykes identifies him as a spy and has him killed. Claudia’s intense grief leaves her determined to use an artefact known as the Metronome to resurrect him, despite the warnings and threats from Mrs Frederick’s about the potential penalties of using any artefact.

The team establish that Sykes plans to destroy the Warehouse, but not how or when. Through a complicated long-term con, and the re-discovery of a previously lost Egyptian warehouse, Sykes manages to place a spectacularly destructive artefact inside the Warehouse. Arti, Myka, Pete and H.G. Wells are trapped inside the warehouse with minutes left to figure out a way to survive, and save the Warehouse.

The final episode of season 3 saw three out of the seven team members dead. The entire Warehouse 13 destroyed, the Bad Guy successful escaping, and did I mention that the Warehouse was utterly destroyed?

Warehouse 13 is a genre mix that plays with comedic elements as skilfully as it does dramatic and fairly dark ones. Characters have recognisable arcs and growth. They also all have believable quirks and ‘offscreen’ lives that feed into the show mythos without ever feeling forced. Throughout season three multi-layered character issues were handled with finesse.  By seeing the relationship with his ex-wife, viewers got a glimpse of how Pete’s previous alcoholism shapes who he is now. Seeing Myka’s relentless drive to track down the man who killed her partner showed how ruthless she can be. Having Claudia gain a brother-like figure helped show her playful side, and also how she is maturing into a functioning adult post-asylum. Claudia’s grief and rage at Steve’s death was engaging and also painful to watch. Arti’s role as curmudgeonly Father figure of the team was further cemented. Leena gradually came to the forefront becoming much more than the occasional onscreen owner of the bed and breakfast where all Warehouse 13 agents live.

It was a magnificent emotional kick-in-the-guts finale and it was breathtakingly brave. This is the kind of cliffhanger that can cause fans to abandon a show. Just ask any Farscape fan. Thankfully, the shows renewal for a fourth season was announced back in August of 2011, way before the October finale, so the fans knew that this particular cliffhanger wouldn’t remain unresolved. How it was going to be resolved without drastically changing the format and tone of the show was another matter entirely.

U.S. fans have had the delight of discovering how that cliffhanger was resolved when season 4 episode one aired on SyFy on July 23rd but UK fans find out tonight if and how the pervious cliffhanger can be resolved.

Warehouse 13 Season 4 is airing now on Syfy every Monday night  at 10pm and SyFy U.K. every Thursday Night at 9pm starting on Thursday September 6th. Season 4 is already available as a DVD box set for Region 1 (USA et al), and will be released for Region 2 (Europe) on September 17, 2012.

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