Waiting For The Trade – Siege: New Avengers

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Pencillers/Artists: Marko Djurdjevic, Mike Mayhew, Stuart Immonen, Mike McKone, Bryan Hitch
Inkers: Mark Morales, Wade Von Grawbadger, Butch Guice, Andrew Curry, Karl Story
Colourists: Marte gracia, Andy Troy, Dave McCaig, Paul Mounts, Justin Ponsor, Rain Beredo
Letterers: Joe Caramagna, Chris Eliopoulos, Albert Deschesne
Collects: New Avengers #61-64, New Avengers Annual #3, Dark Reign: The List – Avengers, New Avengers Finale

We’ve covered Siege on the WFTT podcast with a special Event Horizon episode and a supplemental to discuss the Thor hardcover and here we have the hardcover collection of the New Avengers issues relating to the recent Marvel event (and this won’t be the last you’ll see of it either!).

This is one of the hardest types of collections to review and stay objective. There’s no consistent story-arc, but a smattering of individual tales which are obviously interspersed with the events of the main Siege title with pretty much every significant event happening off-page in one of the other titles. As it is, rather than feel like the story is being broadened by the events in the book as they did when New Avengers handled the flashbacks during Secret Invasion, I just felt like these stories were inconsequential and I’m not sure I would’ve missed much if I’d left the £12 or so that the book cost in my pocket.

Taken individually the stories aren’t bad. I enjoyed The List entry when I first bought it in The List HC (another minor annoyance being made to buy it again) and its events do provide some sort of backbone for the plot of the annual. The New Avengers seem to be left to deal with stragglers in the latter issues just ahead of Siege itself, I know The Hood was meant to be a big player but having Spider-Man and Spider-Woman spend an issue fighting The Griffin and The Mandrill just seems like a waste…I’m sure somewhere there’s a fan of F-list villains who thinks it was brilliant but it wasn’t for me. Things didn’t improve once the action kicked off in Asgard itself as the New Avengers are left with relatively little of interest to do.

And the finale…well…there was nothing to it that felt like a fitting end to 5yrs of New Avengers to me. Having a throw-down with two mid-tier enemies who’ve already been defeated and on the run and one slightly more powerful adversary with some history with the team simply wasn’t enough for me. The series of splashes at the end seemed particularly pointless when New Avengers is being replaced immediately with a new #1.

Artistically the best work for me was Mike Mayhew in the annual, a name I associate more with covers, where we get a looser but heavily photo-realistic style, think Greg Land but not so tight to the reference. I don’t think Hitch is working to anywhere near the standard he became famous for and the rest is immediately forgettable.

Reviewer: Dave Williams

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