War of the Green Lanterns Review Part 2

War of the Green Lanterns has marched on with Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors issue 8, Green Lantern issue 65 and Green Lantern Corps issue 59. In Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors issue 8, we see the fight that has been a year in the making: Hal Jordan vs Guy Gardner. In Sector 2000 on the uninhabited world known as the green house, Guy and Hal fight about Krona and the way in which Guy has tried to deal with the problem. Finally, the fear entity Parallax tries to get a grip of their rings leading them to take them off. They are left stranded in an ice world, searching for the Green Lantern safe house. In Green Lantern issue 65, with no rings, lost, the four human Lanterns try to regroup to work out a strategy to take down Krona. Hal has a plan: he has the rings that the leaders of the other corps were wearing before they were sucked into the book of the black. Choose a new corps, wield the light and free the Green Lanterns from Krona. In Green Lantern Corps (GLC) issue 59, after choosing their new rings, the human Lanterns try to get to the central power battery. Yet their new rings seem more difficult to control then they would have expected. The fate of Ganthet is revealed who has sacrificed himself to let Kyle and John get away.

Credit must go to each and everyone of these front covers. The art is stupendous with Green Lantern and GLC really showing how a comic book cover can be so crucial. Emerald Warriors wets the appetite as we are shown a scene from the Hal and Guy fight. For me personally, I have been awaiting this moment like a boy waits for Christmas since the end of Blackest Night so to see it finally on a cover made me even more excited. Yet Green Lantern and GLC are truly astounding. The sight of Hal bring a part of the Sinestro Corps and the four human Lanterns donning differing rings makes any Lantern fan’s mouth water. It drags you into wanting to read more even if you are not a huge Lantern fan. At it’s core, this is what covers should be doing and this month DC have shown a master class as to how to do it right.

Emerald Warriors does not disappoint. The fight between Hal and Guy is brutal and personal. It is a joy to watch this unfold. You really get a sense that Tomasi and Pasarin are enjoying themselves here. Hats off must go to Geoff Johns in Green Lantern. It is something that I struggle to understand but the quality of Johns’ books and stories seem to get better month in month out. I am quickly beginning to think he is not just the best talent the business has at the moment but possibly ever. The dialogue between Hal and Guy as they struggle to find the Green Lantern safe house is brilliant. For any struggling writer who cannot grasp how to write dialogue they should read some of Johns’ work. The man is a genius, making you feel. You laugh, cry and every other emotion with the characters he is using. The story is tight with Mahnke complimenting the writing brilliantly. Some of the art in this story arc has just been unbelievable in particular, Tyler Kirkham on GLC. The way he draws Kyle Rayner especially will blow you away. I personally think no other artist draws the character better then he does. Bedard like Johns, produces a strong script that keeps the story ticking over nicely.

One problem with the battle between Guy and Hal is that it would have been nice if it had gone on for longer. With something that has been teased for a year now, I expected it to last more than an issue. However if the fight had continued it could be argued it may have started to feel stale and could have weakened the pace of this fabulous story.

War of the Green Lanterns continues to get better and better. Somehow it has surpassed Blackest Night. You will laugh, cry, and feel every punch these characters take. It is comic book crack: you read the issues and you are desperately awaiting for the next issue to be released. A must read.

Luke Halsall

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