WEB SERIES REVIEW: H+ Digital Series, Episodes 1 and 2

Bryan Singer is one of the best directors around and with H+ he is bringing us a truly unique concept: a new TV show in 5 minute bursts shown through YouTube. The story follows the idea that we as people have let technology into our lives even more than we do now by having computer chips placed into our brains allowing us to have the abilities of an iPhone for everything.

Yet something has happened, something is wrong with the software. Somehow a virus has managed to break into the code and is infecting everyone. What will happen?

H+ is a scary, haunting thought because it is something that we could so easily allow a company like Facebook or Apple do.  It is a mesh of Brooker’s Black Mirror and a Doctor Who, episode The Long Game where we allowed technology to affect our minds.  H+ cleverly draws you into the concept quickly and manages to make you feel aware of what this world is like in a matter of minutes through the use of news reels.

It is refreshingly to see a production not wasting anytime, trimming the fat down to all that we need. With media in general being obsessed with the slow burn it is nice to see something that throws you straight in without someone having to utter the phrase ‘It is ok, it gets good you just have to stick with it.’ Singer clearly wants you hooked from the get go and he has done that.

Episode 1 has an eerie feel to it. You know that something just is not right and when the crescendo hits it is all the sweeter. Again credit should go to the creative team here as they only have a matter of minutes to build that feeling of tense worry but they manage to do it and make it look effortless. Second episode continues to hook you and has drawn me back for more when the third episode arrives.

H+ is sci fi at its best. It is very close to the real world making it a haunting vision for what we could become. After only two episodes with less than twenty minutes shown it is amazing how hooked you will feel. Definitely worth checking out the episodes here.

Rating: 4/5
Reporter: Luke Halsall

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