COMIC REVIEW: Wisher 1 – Nigel

Nigel! I have to say it’s not the most inspiring titles for volume 1 of Wisher. The comic in question is Cinebooks latest European comic being translated for the English market. With this comic Cinebook are taking their first steps into the increasingly popular urban fantasy genre

Nigel Grant has a gift: he’s very, very good at finding whatever people want for them. Thanks to that almost supernatural skill, he lives a comfortable, carefree life in London. But one day, a client and friend of his throws himself under an underground train. Shocked by the unexpected death, Nigel is soon swept into a web of intrigue, deception and death as he realises that suicide and the subsequent incidents all revolve around one person: him.

The comic starts with the aforementioned Nigel talking to a friend and client who within 2 pages is dead. So no messing about getting into the action here. The question that comes to the fore is exactly who is Nigel. It appears not even Nigel knows exactly who or what Nigel is. It turns out that he is the lynchpin in an underground war between the last of the fae and the government agency that want them catalogued, dead and/or otherwise useful. The reveal of what Nigel is, is nicely seeded throughout the book and a good plot point. However if you want to avoid being spoiled don’t read the back cover of the comic. A serious oversite.

The enemy troops, it should be noted, are suited, booted & bowler hatted. They carry canes with trapped faeries in to do their bidding. They work for MI10 but we are not quite sure who’s calling the shots.

I found a lot of the dialogue a bit stilted in a way that seems to happen with a lot of translated comics, so I suppose it’s par for the course. As a result it took me a little while to get into the characters but once I had got past that little bugbear I soared through the rest of the book. The pacing is good and it has a little bit of everything from introspection to action to car chases.

The art is clean, solid, nicely detailed and evocatively coloured by Emanuelle Tenderini. It’s slight change in style suitably echo the action wether it be confused flashback or faerie domain. On that note it’s really interesting to note that this title is based in London and artist Giulia De Vita does a pretty good job of making it recognisable.

There is nothing particularly innovative about this story, it has a familiar structure and character archetypes, but despite this I really enjoyed the ride. Writer Sebastien Latour uses some nice plot devices and uses some nice reveals to ensure we are not painstakingly lost in suspense limbo. In essence it’s a good read and I’m actually keen to get the 2nd book. I really want to see where this goes.


Title: Wisher 1 – Nigel

Publisher: Cinebook

Rating: 3/5

Reviewer: Monts:

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