Xenta BeatBar Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

Xenta SpeakerI was sent a Xenta BeatBar Bluetooth  Speaker to review for Geek Syndicate. The Xenta BeatBar is a portable budget Bluetooth speaker that retails for £29.99. It’s a good looking speaker for the price and the build quality felt solid for this price point.

In the box

  • Xenta BeatBar
  • Micro USB charging lead
  • 3.5mm stereo cable


Out of the box I found pairing the speaker is very easy process. Both my iPad 2 and HTC One were simple to pair with just a case of searching for the speaker which when found automatically paired without the need of a password being inputted. The speaker can also connect to devises using a 3.5mm stereo cable.  On testing I was also impressed with the Bluetooth range having left my mobile in my bedroom I was able to get a continued and clear sound while taking the speaker to several other rooms in the house.

Xenta claim that the BeatBar has 5-7 hours music playback on a full charge but I was not been able to confirm this during my test. The speaker can be charged using the supplied standard micro USB cable and on top of it are 3 buttons. A call pick up button, a combined volume up and skip forward button and lastly a combined volume down and skip back. Down the right-hand side is the micro USB charge connector, 3.5mm audio input, main power switch and LED indicator. On the left side is the mic.

I received a call while testing the speaker and found I could clearly here the caller and they had no issue hearing me. It has good hands free calling capabilities and I could see it being able to be taken into a car and used as a hands free system on journeys.



Xenta BeatBar


Sound Quality

I found the sound quality of the speaker to range from OK to good but not fantastic as you would expect for a budget speaker. The sound at low to mid level was clear with good levels of loudness though lacked the base levels that some music fans may want. At higher loudness levels I noticed some distortion that made listening to some heavy based songs a little difficult.

I noticed a slight improvement in the overall sound quality when the speaker was connected via the 3.5mm stereo cable rather than Bluetooth. There was less distortion and a cleaner sound at higher loudness levels.

The speaker is a good enhancement and upgrade from your standard mobile phone or tablet speaker. I was particularly interested to see how much of an improvement it would be over my HTC One’s Boomsound front facing speakers, a big selling point for the HTC One. It was definitely an improvement and provided a much louder sound than both the HTC and iPad when listening to music, podcasts and watching videos. If you love your base or are looking for a speaker you can use in a party or gathering or to fill a very large room then you would have to look for a higher end speaker.



  • Battery: 1050mA
  • Power Output: 3W x2
  • Speaker Units: 1.5“ x2,
  • Impedence: 4ohm
  • T.H.D:〈10%
  • Frequency Response:  70Hz—16KHz
  • Separation: ≥40dB
  • S/N: 80dB
  • Sensitivity: 550mV
  • Power Adaptor : DC5V/500mA-1A
  • Dimension: W151xH48xD58mm


Final comments

If you listen to a lot of podcast, audio books or watch videos in your bedroom or around the house with your tablet or mobile phone, the Xenta BeatBar is a good budget portable bluetooth speaker that provides a louder and better experience than your standard built in speakers.

If listening to music is your prime goal or you are looking for a speaker that can be used for parties then you need to take into account that although you will get a louder and better experience than built in device speakers, its mediocre base and slight distortion at higher levels won’t make it ideal for you.



  • Budget price
  • Looks good
  • Good clear sound at mid to low levels
  • Bluetooth range
  • Built in mic for hands free telephone calls



  • Sound distortion at mid to high levels
  • Mediocre base levels
  • Bluetooth 2.0 not 4.0


Rating: 3/5

 Reviewer: Soulfinger

The Xenta BeatBar is available from ebuyer.


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