First Look at Bradley James as Damien in Teaser Trailer

I’ve never seen any of the original Omen films…there I’ve said it. My only experience of those films was hearing the music creeping through the floorboards of my bedroom while my older brothers watched the first film downstairs. To say my sleep patterns were disturbed for most of my childhood after that night is somewhat of an understatement. I also grew up  convinced the kid in the first film actually was the son of the devil..I mean look at him the kid just looked wrong…also the dodgy haircut didn’t help.

Years later I did manage to make my way through the The Omen remake but the fact it didn’t scare me in the slightest goes to show just how effective that first film was.

So fast forward today and we have Bradley James of Merlin fame trading in his armour for a set of horns in the A & E show ‘Damien’

Not much to see in the trailer but it has some suitability creepy music to help set the tone. Check it out and let us know what you think about the idea of reboot the film for TV?

GS Blogger: Nuge
Source: A&E Network

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