Syfy Pulls The Magicians Trailer out of its Hat

I do like a good bit of magic so I am intrigued by the latest show coming to Syfy in 2016. It’s called The Magicians and it’s based on a best selling trilogy by Lev Grossman.

Production for the show is still going on but Syfy have stuck out a first look at the show.

The Magicians trailer looks ok but felt a little too 90’s (cool music, lots of slow mo) and reminded me a bit of a film called The Craft. The cast comes across a bit bland. You know, your standard collection of hip college kids (you know he’s cool because he smokes, does one liners and wears a waistcoat), although there are some neat little effects in the trailer.

I’d be interested to hear from anyone whose read the books to get their thoughts on trailer and how it matches up with the trilogy.

Personally I’m still waiting for my adult Harry Potter TV series where he’s partnered up with  a sassy cop to solve crimes, using magic. Oh and Ron Welsey is his alcoholic ex-partner who runs a strip joint in Diagon Alley

Yeah I know…a geek can dream.

Anyway, not being blown away by a trailer, is not going to stop me checking out the show when it lands in the uk. I can’t help it, I love me some magic.

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