That big reveal on ‘Supernatural’ S11 was just as awesome for Kripke & Padelecki

It was years in the making. One of those things you were pretty sure about, but needed official confirmation of the awesome. And then in Season 11, Supernatural finally delivered.

Yep, Chuck really is God.

Admit it, you may have shed a little tear when Sam (Jared Padelecki) pointed out to Dean (Jensen Ackles) that his Amulet was glowing, as he’d always been told would happen when God was nearby. And then they look around and there’s… Chuck.

Well, you weren’t alone. “When I read the revelation I had tears,” says Padelecki,  “I had chills for an hour. There are probably 4 or 5 episodes in the 241 episodes that we’ve done so far that gave me chills that have lasted, and that was certainly one.”

We’re with him on that one. For a true fan, that’s one of those moments that will stay with you for awhile. Because it was just so simple, and yet beautifully delivered. “We should talk,” indeed.

Kripke didn’t get quite as choked up as Padelecki did, but he admits to also enjoying it. “It was fun,” he says. “It was always sort of an in joke amongst the writers, and so the fact that it has now expanded into canon is fun to see.”

Supernatural is heading into its 12th Season in the fall. Who knows what reveals the Winchester Bros. have in store for us next.

See Kripke and Padelecki talk about Chuck, as well as why they think Supernatural has endured for so long in our interviews from the Saturn Awards Red Carpet.

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