A Look Behind the Scenes of ‘Defiance’

Last week we ran the first teaser trailer for the upcoming TV Show Defiance, which is coming to the Syfy channel next year. Now we bring you a look behind the scenes at the writing, cinematography & music for the the show.

Of course these making of videos are designed to pull you in and hype up a show but as a  big soundtrack fan it’s difficult not to allow the hype to seep in when I hear that Bear McCreary is doing the music for the show. Again I have to mention that the writing/production credits of some of those involved with Defiance are difficult to ignore. Watching this video with the knowledge that those involved were behind Farscape and BSG I can certainly see those influences this production video.

I’m really hoping that this show will give us something a little different.

Reporter: Nuge

Source: Syfy

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  1. This is actually part 3 of the behind the scenes featurettes. I have all three of them that I put in one video as well as the series trailer and the E3 video game trailer on my blog. Enjoy!


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